atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2977: I'm going to try this

Graumagus' better half (his words, not mine) has a recipe for making your own laundry soap from stuff you buy at the supermarket.

Assuming I can find all the ingredients at the local store (I believe I can) I'll see how this turns out. Worst case, I've wasted a few bucks; best case, I never need to buy another jug of laundry detergent and wonder how much of it is plain old water.

Actually, if you're into restoring old cars (or doing something else that deals with rusty metal) washing soda is what you add to water to make the electrolyte for electrolyzing the rust from parts.

* * *

Something I didn't try and didn't save the URL for was when someone posted a recipe for home-brewed ginger beer. Ginger beer tastes pretty good (unlike the regular variety of beer, IMHO of course) and the recipe was easy-peasy. I just never tried it.

* * *

Woke up hungry at 2, but played WoW for a little while; and I decided that I'd nuke a couple of the "burritos" in the freezer (the "3-for-a-dollar' kind that are really just burrito-style enchiladas--again, IMHO) and have them with salsa.

Wait--I didn't buy a jar of salsa after I threw the old one away. Well, no problem; I've got the (slightly too hot) salsa from Super Burrito! and that'll be okay...

White film across the top of it, and a sicky-sweet smell--TRASH!


* * *

I really do have to get after the shopping today, damn it.

...last night (Monday night) I did finally feel myself relax, completely, meaning that the stress and the angst of the past week had finally ebbed enough that I could relax. Hopefully that means good things for all the freakin' chores I've got to do.


* * *

I've been reading the Working! manga, and I don't know whether to go on to Working!! when I'm done or what. The anime is going to start hitting the torrents soon.

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