atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2978: That was strange

I woke up at 11 AM, and rolled over in bed, thinking I ought to get up...and then fell asleep again. I drifted in and out of sleep for 2.5 hours...having a continuous series of connected dreams in which I was living Doctor Who.

Me and Doctor #10 (David Tennant) were involved in a shitton of weird-ass adventures, all connected. They all took place aboard a doomed ocean liner. I can only remember bits and pieces now. Part of the dream took place on a lush arboreal world, which was where the bad guy got his in a big way; one thing that stood out was when I was adding that particular planet to the TARDIS' "never visit here because it's too damn dangerous" list.

...the computer access panel was this big modern touchscreen thing--which is way out of character for that series!--but when the Doctor asked me to set a course, that panel flipped over and the usual melange of steampunk stuff came into view. My subconscious is not entirely apostate when it comes to Doctor Who, I guess.

Then I got dumped to the "main menu" screen, which consisted of me following this alien through a recursive set of halls and doors with a brief stop at the selection pod: View Episode, Visit Library, Play All, etc. I selected "Visit Library" because I wanted to get out of the way of all the people behind me, and ended up in the middle of the episode again, this time from the viewpoint of a different character.

It was, I have to say, fun, even so.

* * *

I hope VDH is right.

* * *


It's 2008 all over again, right down to the numbers and dates. We're screwed.

* * *

If Eric Holder perjured himself, he can be indicted for it, and possibly removed as Attorney General.

* * *

State of Florida is making sure guns are legal everywhere in Florida. This sounds like an excellent proposition.

* * *

Obama thinks banks have made enough money.

As an aside, I think the acronym "SCOAMF" is a bit cumbersome. Just hack out the "A" and it flows better: "SCOMF".

But I suppose it's too late now, since everyone knows what SCOAMF means.

* * *

I have a ton of things that need doing, and four hours before Bible study. I can do them all, but it means stopping with the computer things right now and getting in motion. actuality I'm thinking about just putting off the shopping until tomorrow, and just getting a loaf of bread and a six-pack of something to tide me over. I'm out of ham, and the local grocery store has the less-good ham on sale right now; the new sale items begin tomorrow and I'm hoping they'll have a better quality of ham on sale.

The house brand ham? It's okay, but it's only a few degrees better than Spam. You can buy Hormel ham ("Spam by any other name...") at the deli--and it's always the cheapest ham they've got. Why do you suppose that is? I've tried the house brand ham; it's...okay, and if you have absolutely no other options it does the job. But if you can get good ham for the same price, why would you bother?

I can, in fact, probably do without the six-pack. I discovered that I've got two more bottles of diet Dew than I thought I had, and in the absolute worst case there's a liter of diet Coke and the Crystal Light Lemonade. I'm set on drinks, more or less.

So really I can pare my task list down to three things that must be done today:

1) Pick up the license plate for the motorcycle and install it
2) Get a shower
3) Read up for Bible Study

* * *

The Escort has a new home; it's now just a matter of actually getting it to its new home. This has to be accomplished sometime in the next ten days.

* * *

The Dow closed up 153 points. It was down 200; then in the last 40 minutes it took off like a JATO-propelled go kart and climbed 350 points. I wonder why? Who said what to whom? be honest I don't care enough to try to find out. It's a nice day and I have a reason to ride my motorcycle; I'm going to do that instead.

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