atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2979: That was fun!

So I took the bike up to the currency exchange to get its new license plate. While there, I put the plate on; then I turned northward. I rode on Route 1 all the way to Joe Orr Road, where I went west to get to Western; then I rode south to Sauk Trail and rode through the forest preserve.

Once back on Route 1, I rode south all the way to the intersection with 394; then I went north on 394--THE FREEWAY--all the way to Richton Road.

...when slowing down for a red light at Exchange Street, the bike began to chug and cough, and when I put in the clutch it died completely. WTF?

Low fuel, I thought, and reached down for the fuel petcock to set it on "reserve". Well, because I am stupid I put it on "prime" and the bike didn't start back up (though it should have) and so I had to pull off and see WTF was going on. Put it in "reserve", cranked it, and she started right up. *sigh*

I was heading to the gas station at Steger Road and then changed my mind--I still want to put washers on the petcock bolts, and that's easier to do if the tank is low on fuel--so I turned around and rode home, still on "reserve". There's plenty of fuel left in the tank, though; more than enough to get me to the gas station.

Once home I moved the Jeep back a few feet and finally changed the bike's oil. So that's done. Then went and picked up a Super Burrito! for dinner.

...which leaves me now with about an hour and forty-five minutes to eat, get my reading done, and take a shower before I have to be at Bible study. I rode too long...but it was fun!

I still giggle like a schoolgirl whenever someone on a bike waves at me and I wave back. I may be enjoying this a bit too much.

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