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#2980: Why am I awake?

Last night I didn't get to bed before 5 AM. I was reading manga and playing Freecell. *sigh*

* * *

Let's get the economy out of the way:

More about this century's Smoot-Hawley that's going to turn the ongoing recession into an ongoing depression if it passes.

"Such as it is." Vox Day notes that Ben Bernanke is finally acknowledging, kind of, that the ongoing recession didn't really end.

Greece has weeks left before bankruptcy. "Weeks" is better than "days" but it's not like anyone is trying to do anything to remedy the situation; so it probably doesn't matter that they still have a few weeks.


Karl Denninger on "Occupy Wall Street". This one is on the long side and it's chock-full of his usual overuse of typography for emphasis, but the point it makes is important: that a lot of the egregiously high costs of things like housing, education, and health care are due entirely to government interference in the marketplace.

* * *

Speaking of "OWS" check out the first doofus in this AoSHQ post.

The guy went to college and has $87,000 in student loan debt...and he's a printer repairman? What kind of printers does he repair--offset printers, or computer printers? If it's the former, guess what? Printing is in a decline because of the rise of electronic media. If it's the latter, guess what? You don't need a fricking college education to do that.

Okay? I worked when I was in college as a computer hardware technician, and about half my job was fixing laser printers. I didn't have to go to college to learn how to fix them; I taught myself how to fix them and learned on the job.

Right: compared with most people I have exceptional mechanical ability, but what I'm saying is that it's not exactly brain surgery.

Look at the second pic. The couple in the picture are demanding a home and health care. Looks like the guy's got those stupid ear-hole things in his earlobes. I have to wonder how much he spends on body modification--could that money be spent on, say, housing and health insurance? Naahh!!! I go to the site linked in that AoSHQ post, and see this: "My father (multiple PhD’s) lives in his car so that he can do what he loves for a living rather than be a slave to the system." If your father is employable at all--and not living in his car because he's a drunk or something--then he is choosing to do so. STFU.

Every last one of the images there is full of a shitton of BS. Okay, the 27-year-old who's $100,000 in debt--how did she manage that? The person of indeterminate sex wearing the black nail polish says he?/she? "at 24 landed in the hospital with no insurance"--well, guess what? You took a gamble and lost: you thought you were fine without health insurance and were wrong. (Oh, and its mother had a "pre-existing mastectomy". ...Huh?)

I especially like this one: "I dropped out of medical school 2 years ago because I decided to be a midwife, and you can be anything you want, right? Now, I don’t think I can afford to get another master’s degree - I’ll be lucky to get my BSN." SCHOOL? to be a midwife? How the hell is that Wall Street's fault?

Then this:
My fiancee convinced me to go to college, graduated with 2 degrees. 40k student loan. Had job for 5 months before losing it because of “season ending”. Student loans were due the following month. Got married. Husband kicked me out and divorced me after 3 months of marriage, leaving me helpless. Been almost 2 years, current BF works 50 hours a week, we have a 4 month old daughter who is on medicare. We can barely afford to pay rent, buy food and diapers.
Okay: if you're in bad financial straits having a kid is not going to help matters one whit.

...and it just goes on and on. Some of the sob stories are the result of bad luck, but the majority are--going by their own words!--the results of bad decisions and stupidity.

And while we're at it? You guys aren't 99% of anything unless we're talking about "fucking idiots caught up in leftist astroturfing".

* * *

New rules would mean more drivers and more drivers means more money for the Teamsters.

The flipside is that long-haul trucking is woefully inefficient. In most cases you can put a trailer on a train and get it close to its destination, then have a guy haul the trailer the rest of the way. A train is about 4x as efficient at moving that trailer cross-country, compared to paying some guy to drive it there; particularly when you start talking about a move of more than a thousand miles.

* * *

Last night I thought I'd ride the bike to the gas station to pick up some snacks. Instead I put gas in it, then rode around for a while. I was fine until I hit the 40 zone on Steger road; then I got cold, so I just went home.

Definitely need some warmer riding gear if I'm going to be riding this thing much longer this year.

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