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#2982: Soap, Asobi ni Iku Yo, Chores, and such

So I sat down to make a DVD of the first 5 eps of Asobi ni Iku Yo! and grate a bar of soap.

...discovered partway through the first episode that it was the censored version; and by ep 3 I realized that I had never actually downloaded the uncensored version of AsoIku.

*sigh* I've stopped watching, found Doki's fansub from the BD rip, and am currently torrenting those eps. Once they're done, I'll dump it to DVD (four eps per disk) and have the uncensored AsoIku in all its glory.

Still think Captain Kuune is the Catian babe for me.

* * *

It took me about 1.3 eps of anime to grate the entire bar of Fels-Naptha. As predicted the grater rinsed clean, as did the bowl I grated the soap into; and just to make sure they're clean I'm running 'em through the dishwasher. The only problem was that I had to keep cleaning soap out from between the teeth of the grater; it builds up between them. But running a stick down between them broke it up, and it was nicely crumbled just like the rest of it, so no biggie. (This would probably be easier with a bar that was left to sit in open air for a few weeks or months, to dry out completely. I have a feeling it wouldn't cake up as badly.)

All told the mix ended up filling a one-pound cottage cheese container. One tablespoon of detergent does not look like much, but then again this contains no fillers or extenders to make it bulk more. People would balk at shelling out $10 for a box of Tide that was the size of a box of baking soda even if it did have the same cleaning power and did exactly as many loads of laundry as the larger size. A tablespoon just doesn't seem like enough soap to clean a load of laundry!

But it seems to work fairly well. The load I just washed came out clean, though admittedly they were mostly darks and haven't dried yet. I'll comment further on this DIY detergent in upcoming weeks, though.

* * *

As mentioned I did a load of dishes and the remainder of my laundry, after making the laundry detergent. I neatened up the kitchen and folded some towels, and put them in the linen closet.

Tomorrow I have to go buy a battery for Sailor V's ATV, whether I want to or not; and I have some other things to attend to. Friday I want to ride the motorcycle out to Wal-Mart to pick up my RXesesesss and a couple bottles of the mouthwash I like, which means finding one of my knapsacks so I've got a way to carry them. Heh.

Thank God I haven't cleaned my desk! I still have the model number for the battery I need--12N9-4B-1--to pick up for the thing. One of these days soon I really do need to do a thorough clean in my bedroom.

...the bed broke again--a couple of weeks ago, like the 12th or 13th or so--this time on the other side from where I fixed it last time, which means I need to find some 1x2 in the garage and buy a jug of Gorilla Glue. *sigh* I'll also take this opportunity to get all the boxes of videotapes out from under the thing and then vacuum under there, because it's been quite a while since I've vacuumed under the bed...and when I pulled a box out last week there was a really thick layer of dust on it. Time for that to go.

I'm thinking I'll put the boxes downstairs. This will deprive my kitties of a safe haven, but I really don't need immediate access to these tapes; I've watched a handful of them since I've been living here.

Incidentally, I can't vacuum under the bed without disassembling it, because every vacuum cleaner that's been in this house in the past eight years has been too tall to fit under there.

* * *

I have to keep reminding myself that it's October. This blows.

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