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#2985: I really want to sleep some more.

This business of being up until all hours of the morning is 100% for the birds. I had intended to go to bed before 1 AM, but then the writing bug bit and I churned out about eight pages of the latest rewrite project.

I advanced the story a little farther, parsimoniously dealt the reader a few more clues about WTF happened, and in the process blew up a recently-uncovered archaeological find in a spectacular fashion. I always love blowing shit up and as one character says, "science is more fun when there are fireworks involved."

So it wasn't like I sat here playing Freecell all night or anything.

The problem stems from the fact that I've got stuff I want to do today, and it's got to be done relatively early, so I set the alarm for 11 AM...after going to bed around 4:30. That's considerably less than 7 hours of sleep, and so I feel rancid.

Christ, have I gotten soft.

* * *

Biden says, of the economy, "We have turned it around." I have to assume he means that the Democrat party has successfully pinned the current crappy economy on George W. Bush such that Obama has yet to be held accountable for his contributions to the situation, because the economy sure as hell hasn't been "turned around" at all.

World faces an unprecedented financial crisis. Quantitative easing, which did nothing to help the US economy beyond a certain short-term boost, is now the rule of the day for other countries. It'll work there about as well as it worked here.

Karl Denninger agrees.

There were 103,000 new jobs created in September but 45,000 of them were due entirely to Verizon union babies ending their strike and returning to work. U6 went up to 16.5% and U3 remained unchanged. You do the math.

"President Obama spun a work of creative nonfiction yesterday in his latest pitch for his jobs plan...." In other words, the lying liar told another lie to advance his agenda. Big surprise, there.

* * *

Wonderduck writes a novel about "The Flight to Nowhere". He's a big WW2 history buff and his posts on it are always interesting and worthwhile reading, though.

* * *

Need an AR-15 lower? Throw an aluminum billet on the CNC and have it by dinner!

...that day is coming.

* * *

Not an hour after I placed the order for the parts for my new computer, I was already impatient: I want it now! Gadzooks, how long has it been since I looked forward to tinkering with a computer?

I mean, this isn't going to be something like taking a new laptop out of its box and finishing its initial setup; I've got to build the thing and install the OS and configure it, entirely from scratch. Ideally I'd like to work out how to administer it remotely so I don't have to get up and hike all the way down the hall to Mom's room. I mean, including the distance to and from the doors to the rooms it's almost twenty feet.

...kind of tempted to invest in a KVM switch and just put the thing on my desk, you know? That might be easier. It's not like it's going to be big or anything, after all.

The hell of it is, the new machine will be powerful enough to do everything I do except World of Warcraft. For basic computer things like word processing and such, it'd be fine; and I'd wager that I could toss the spare video card into it and use it as a video player as well!

I have no idea how the on-board video will be for things like that; but if it works, why not? Instead of just using it for torrenting stuff, why not watch anime with the thing?

The mobo has a VGA output rather than any digital video out (like HDMI) which is one reason I got it for so little. These days HDMI outputs are all the rage. Well, my monitor has both analog and digital inputs and can switch between them with the press of a button...and if I'm using the new box to play videos, it turns out I can use the wireless keyboard and mouse with it instead of having them plugged into the main PC. Take the DVI-to-VGA adaptor that came with the video card and plug that into the cheapie video card in the torrent box--which also has the S-Video output--so no KVM switch needed; and how do you like that?

...two computers and a 5-port switch on my desk. That means I'm going to have to clean it again. *whimper*

* * *

On the plus side, during WoW sessions I can have the torrent box--I need to decide what its name will be--running Firefox and displaying WoWHead, so all I have to do is switch the monitor and use the other keyboard to look up info. No more alt-tab!

...the torrent box won't be running torrents (or will be throttled) during WoW sessions; otherwise uTorrent hogs all the bandwidth and nothing else can get through. It'd be nice if there were a way to do it automatically, so that it would auto-throttle whenever WoW was running, but if such a way exists I sure don't know what it is.

* * *

Anyway, I've got chores to attend to; so I'd better get going.

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