atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2986: Computer names (again)

I'm still thinking about what to name my impending torrent box; and I realized that the name of the P3 was--I'm pretty sure--Jurai, the homeworld of Ayeka and Youshou and Sasami. (Tenchi Muyo! for the non-otaku out there.)

So Jurai is out, anyway.

I am pretty close to going with "El Hazard" for the box, because its main task will be downloading anime and El Hazard is "the world of endless adventure". (Incidentally, that phrase has always resonated with me. It's so majestic and cool.) But that name would be better for a NAS box that stored all my anime in a RAID-6 stack; which--as I've said--this machine may become, one day. So that might be best.

If I were to abandon the "anime world" meme I could name it "Chiyosuke", because it's so small and cute, but that'll open up a whole new can of worms that I really don't want to touch. There are vastly more characters than worlds, but considering that I don't add a computer to the network all that often I don't need that many names.

Hmm--I'll have to wait for a sale and then get a dedicated UPS for the torrent box. It won't have to be a big one.

...haven't even considered mining Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars for world names, but that's another option.

* * *

When the hell was it that I phoned in my RX refills? Tuesday? I didn't note it here but Tuesday sounds right, and Wednesday I planned to pick them up today, and I recall at the time thinking that the refills should be ready Thursday at the latest.

Boy, was that wrong. They're still waiting to hear back from my doctor--who isn't in on Fridays!--so tomorrow morning I've got to call the doctor's office and tell them to approve the f-ing refill before I have to get medieval. Fortunately I have several days' worth of medication left, so I can pick it up Monday or even Tuesday if need be.

Seriously: if you're not going to appove the f-ing refill in a speedy fashion, either make the prescription for a longer period (90 days versus 30) or specify more refills than "none", damn it.

* * *

So I essentially wasted a trip to Wal-Mart; thank God I took the motorcycle instead of the Jeep--instead of using a gallon of gas I used probably a third that much, and had more fun to boot.

And I stopped at the parts store on the way home and bought the battery for Sailor V's ATV; it fit handily into my knapsack with the mouthwash I bought at Wal-Mart.

Before filling it, I put on the acid-ruined henley (it was, after all, one of the new ones. $5 wasted!) and filled the battery; and of course because I put on a pre-ruined shirt I didn't end up spilling so much as a single drop of acid. The battery is now on a charger and I'm contemplating what I'll fill my stomach with. I don't want to go anywhere (since I'm planning on Chinese for dinner) but there isn't really anything I want to eat right now, either. I'll probably end up swinging by McDonald's on my way to VHQ with the battery, later on.

Oh well.


Thinking about it, I realized that the new machine has a PCI expansion slot, and my spare video card is PCIe, which are not compatible. So if I want to use the machine to watch anime, I'll need to buy a video card.

This one would do. It's $28, has 64 MB of VRAM, and an S-video out port.

My other choice is $39--as much as I paid for the motherboard!--and

Or this one, for $45, and it might even enable the new box to run WoW. Holy shit.

WIth a video card, I'm into the project for perhaps as much as $160; but I'm going to wait until I have the machine assembled and running before I start worrying about this.

You still can't beat a new computer for that price. Especially if it turns out to be able to run WoW!

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