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#2988: "Come On Eileen" is it.

The worst song of the 1980s. "Come on Eileen" by the one-hit-wonder Dexy's Midnight Runners. I read the post I linked and that one instantly came to mind. Oh, God, I hate that song. There were a lot of bad songs, but 90% of everything is crap, so that's not all that surprising.

Which is not to say that popular music has improved since then; it hasn't. It's gotten worse, in fact, because technology has made it easier for people to make noises that approximate music without actually requriing any real musical ability or talent.

...which is why I wouldn't have turned on a radio in the past 20 years if it weren't for Rush Limbaugh and tornado warnings.

* * *

Last night's dinner was China Garden's Lucky 7, a moderately spicy dish. It tends to steep overnight, though, and get spicier; and I just finished off the leftovers. My mouth stings, but at least my stomach is no longer growling at me.

* * *

Erogami is on the verge of going to Northrend. That'll be the first Horde toon that I've gotten that far, including Slaughther the Death Knight. DKs start at 55th so you'd think that I'd have at least gotten the DK to Northrend--I mean, it's 13 levels and you add about five levels before you get out of the DK starting area--but no.

Anyway, I've been mining every admantium and fel iron node I've seen, and saving the ore; hopefully I'll be able to power-level blacksmithing fairly soon. I've got two 20-slot mining bags in my bank tab and I'm running out of room!

It's now becoming routine for Erogami to go toe-to-toe with 2 or more foes at her level and come out with no significant loss of HP, which is really something. In fact she's got so much damn armor on that going against only one foe I frequently run out of rage in the middle of the fight. That'll change once I get to Northrend, at least for a while; she'll be getting pounded on by Northrend nasties until she gets geared with stuff from there.

...the problem I'm having is that I keep running into plate armor that has intelligence bonuses instead of strength. I know this is for paladins (or I should say I think it's for paladins) but an INT bonus doesn't do a straight warrior any damn good. Seems like once you get to Northrend you can't find a STR bonus to save your life; but as a tank the warrior's prime attribute is STR and you want to stack both it and stamina.

WoW's game mechanic doesn't allow for characters like Roy:

(From Order of the Stick. There's a half-orc under that pile of rubble.)

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