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#2989: Smoking gun, so to speak

Two links from AoSHQ:

"Under the radar." Now, it's Obama that said this. It means one of two things:

1) The lying-liar-in-chief was lying to Jim Brady when he said that the administration was "working on" increasing gun control: "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.” Eminently possible, as Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he has only a passing aquaintence with the truth and doesn't even care who he lies to. He'll lie to anyone about anything as long as it makes him look good. (See also the story he peddled about the unemployed guy he supposedly met, whom was not unemployed. The only truth in the story is that there is actually a guy by that name.) This is actually the preferable scenario.

2) The corruptocrat-in-chief knew about "Fast and Furious" before it blew up in the media. If Obama knew about this, it's a very bad thing on a great many levels. And it's not just bad for Obama; it's bad for the entire ruling machine in Washington, D.C.

This thing is progressing slowly enough that by the time all the facts come out it could be moot. As long as the GOP doesn't step on its own dick and nominate some RINO-retard ( *cough*like Dole*cough* or *cough* McCain *cough*) Obama has a serious chance of losing the 2012 election...assuming he runs; also assuming the Democrat party doesn't nominate Hillary or someone else to replace him on the ticket.

(Also assuming that the 2012 elections approximate "honest", something in which I do not have a lot of faith. Not without some kind of national voter ID law.)

But if Obama is elected again, this thing could blow up in his face about the time his second term is getting into full swing, shades of Richard Nixon and Watergate. And if it goes that far, it's going to deal a serious blow to the image of the Democrat party.

...unless, I don't know, the mainstream media somehow figures out a way to blame it on sex. "It was just about sex! Obama was...uh...lying because...his wife wasn't giving him any! Unless he did something about gun crime! So, he was so desperate he ended up doing this! If Michelle had just laid back and thought of the country, this wouldn't have happened!"

* * *

One of the biggest problems I have with the left is that whenever I resort to hyperbole to highlight the stupidity of their positions, they go and actually do it.

There's a scene in one story I wrote where a bunch of lefties are protesting on a college campus over the cafeteria's menu including meat. I came up with "Students for the Ethical Treatment of Furred People" as a rather obvious parody of a certain other lunatic organization *cough* PETA *cough* (looks like I need some cough syrup). The protagonists build an automatic meatball cannon and use it to pelt the lefties with tasty meat and pasta sauce from the relative safety of the top of a dorm building.

I read the passage aloud to a friend, expecting laughter. There was not a single laugh, not even a "heh" from him. Why?

"It's too realistic."

He was right. It was. I later learned that it didn't even get near the top, much less go over it; instead of satire I had merely generated fiction, as the events portrayed were typical of reality and only the location and individuals were fictional.

...and so I expect--should the "Fast and Furious" scandal to lead to impeachment--the media to bend itself all out of shape to defend Obama, exactly the way I portray it at the end of the above segment.

* * *

The other AoSHQ post about F&F discusses how the DoJ and the White House attempted to whitewash the story by--surprise!--lying to the media about Issa being briefed in.

If Darrell Issa had been briefed in on F&F, and had known what was happening, it would weaken his authority as an investigator of possible mis/malfeasance by the DoI in this matter. The DoJ attempted to peddle this story to several media outlets and only one took the bait...and later issued a retraction, because no one else was running the story.

The penultimate paragraph of the post says, "'s helpful to remember just how far this Administration, DoJ and media will go to protect Obama and Holder from this story and also how coordinated it all is."

And it finishes:


No! How could that be?

* * *

Karl Denninger posts more about the actual real fraud that certain big players in the financial community have been getting away with.

"Your claim, Mr. President, that these acts were "morally repugnant but not illegal" is a lie," Denninger says. (Emphasis removed. I don't have all day.)

So the lying-liar-in-chief is lying? What a fuckin' shocker that is. Shit.

* * *

It's a gorgeous indian summer Saturday, and I slept it away. *sigh*

My sleep schedule is 100% whacked--possibly 200%.

How pathetic.

But for the first time in a while I wasn't in the mood to ride the bike, and there was nothing that really demanded my attention. Sure, the Fiero still needs brake hoses and just about everything could stand some cleaning, but there's nothing that must be done right the hell now, so I ended up sleeping.

It doesn't look like the Escort's going anywhere before Monday; but I've put Sailor V on notice that if the car is not gone before Thursday I will sell it to my therapist, whose son needs a car. It's got to be gone by Friday in any event, so I'm running out of time to indulge procrastination.

Technically I could go get plates and insurance on it and drive it around and park it somewhere else for a little while. I could do that, and the Code Enforcement guy would then not have a leg to stand on. But I shouldn't have to do that when I've not-quite-literally got people lining up to buy the car!

You know, and I'm trying to explain to people that I CANNOT DRIVE IT because if I do, and I get pulled over for whatever reason, my name is on the title and I'll get whacked with a ticket for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

Okay: If Joe Blow buys my car and drives it home, and gets stopped for not having plates on it, all he has to do is give the cop his driver's license and show him the title: "Look, officer, I just bought this car, and I'm taking it home." (It helps to be somewhere between the point of sale and your house, too; don't drive to Wisconsin first.) Illinois law allows for that circumstance, and the state laws of many other states do as well.

Insurance typically does, too: if you buy a car and already have insurance on another car, you usually have a grace period to add or switch it over. You just need to show the cop the insurance card and say, "Hey, I've got insurance, and I'm going to add this car to it."

You know why this is so? Because this is not a unique situation. People do this all the fucking time. When I bought my Fiero, for example, I didn't get plates and insurance on it before I drove it home; I picked it up on a Saturday and couldn't--yet I drove it home without a worry because I knew I was covered and everything was fine. If a cop had stopped me, I wouldn't have gotten a ticket out of it unless he was having a bad day and needed to ruin someone else's; the laws are full of the phrase "reasonable and proper" because it's impossible to foresee every situation. Driving a just-purchased car home without plates is seen as a "resonable and proper" exception to the law requiring the display of license plates at all times.

...but it doesn't apply if your name is on the title. Even if the buyer is sitting in the right-hand seat and can't drive it himself because his license expired in February and he hasn't bothered to renew it yet, because he hasn't had a car and hasn't really needed it....

So now a week has been pissed away and the car is still in my driveway. Damn right I'm reserving the right to sell it to someone else if it's not gone PDFQ!

* * *

Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated.

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