atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2991: Half a large pizza. *whimper*

I couldn't decide what to have for dinner tonight, and with my stomach not exactly getting happier with each passing moment I realized that pizza sounds decent and set out to get one of Pizza Hut's delicious "super supreme" pizzas.

Bonus: "Any pizza $10!" so I got a large.

The super supreme is awesome because it has five kinds of meat on it and then they add mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives. I don't like olives but I like them on this pizza, so it's actually a plus. The damn thing is laden with toppings and for $10 you cannot beat it.

...and I bring the thing home and eat half of it.

To be fair: like all fast-food pizzas this one was not cut with millimetric precision; the intersection of the radial slices was off-center and I ate pieces from the small side, so really it's probably closer to about 35-40% of the pizza that I ate, and not 50%.

...but there are four slices and the remainder is approximately semicircular.

Considering, though, that I haven't eaten anything since about noon--and I got home with the pizza about 7:30--it's not exactly a case of binge eating or anything. It would be different if I'd had dinner at 4 o'clock and then had this pizza on top of it.

* * *

Diet Pepsi now tastes about as good to me as the sugared variety did. I bet I couldn't drink the sugared kind now without going on a sugar jag and ending up with a monster bout of hypoglycemia.

* * *

Before I went for dinner, I felt like riding the motorcycle, so I did that. I was hoping to get an idea of what would be good for dinner by riding past various places and seeing what appealed to me, but nothing did. On the plus side I discovered that the clutch is slipping more.

...I'd wager it's because I'm not shifting very proficiently. The clutch needs adjustment, dang it, and I'm through putting that off. Once Sailor V gets the Escort out of here, that's going to be job 1.

Job 2 will be the Fiero's brakes. Okay???

All of which is subject to change should the torrent box parts arrive. The motherboard is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. The case shows as having departed California on Friday, but nothing else, and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday.

A lot of UPS' cross-continental freight moves via intermodal train. UPS trailers get put on flatcars and hauled by rail. It's efficient, but slow compared with other methods, but when you're talking about something coming all the way from California it's to be expected. WTF do I want out of free shipping anyway?

The memory is going to be delivered via the mail. It's a weird system: UPS delivers the package to the post office, which takes care of the final delivery. This is the first I've heard of this method but I suppose it makes sense for a package that's small enough for a single DIMM.

Thursday, eh? Oh well.

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