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#2995: Last night I got to write my own fortune!

It's a rule I made up on the spur of the moment: when you get a fortune cookie and you break it open and the fortune slip is totally blank, it means you get to write your own!

I wrote, "All your books will be best sellers within your lifetime!" and then I ate the cookie.

* * *

Graumagus lives and works in the Peoples' Democratic Republik of Illinoistan, so he's just as defenseless as the rest of us when he's not at home. His coworkers, too.

That post came right after this post where he discusses the fact that the Peoples' Democratic Republik of Illinoistan is the only state in the union that does not allow its citizens the free right to defend themselves.

....then our comrades in the politburo wonder why there's so much f-ing crime in this state.

* * *

The headline of this NYT piece is, "Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling".

Sure, the recession was officially over, but it was only over because the G component of the variables that make up GDP went up drastically.

GDP=C + I + G + (x-i). G is government spending. (x-i) is total exports minus total imports. C is consumer spending IIRC, and I can't remember what I was. Karl Denninger had an excellent explanation of how GDP is figured that I--naturally--failed to save, and the result is that I can't fully enumerate what all goes into calculating GDP.

I suppose all that really matters, though, is that government spending is a component of it and when you increase government spending, you increase GDP. So you know those $1,400 billion dollar deficits we've been running for the past few years, that neither party has any interest in fixing?

Yeah: that's your "economic recovery" right there; and since it's A) charged to Uncle Sam's credit card, and B) government can only consume wealth, not create it, guess what that means?

Essentially it means that all the "stimulus" has done is to borrow against future productivity. We've made our childrens' futures less bright in order to keep ourselves from getting too uncomfortable right now.'

Or, more specifically, the ruling class has done so to keep themselves comfortably in power right now. The "inside-the-beltway" elites.

Yeah, I'm looking at you, Democrats and Republicans!

* * *

"When Obama accuses Republicans of standing in the way of his nearly $450 billion plan, he ignores the fact that his own party has struggled to unite behind the proposal."

What a nice way of saying that the Democrats don't like Obama's POS scheme! The "spin meter" is pegged just from that one sentence!

* * *

Germany is going to let the entire European Union go to shit rather than continue to bail out Greece, and more power to them. It's not Germany's fault that Greece can't pay its bills, after all.

* * *


* * *

About 12:30, after breakfast, and after the mobo for the torrent machine arrived (woohoo!) I scraped myself together and went to O'Reilly's for more brake plumbing stuff. I got the other brake line spliced, and bled all four corners as best I could by myself and with my crappy tools; there is pressure in the brake system and there's nothing squirting out when I step on the brakes.

This is progress.

This evening, then, Sailor V is supposed to come by and pick the car up. He's going to help me bleed the brakes properly; then he's going to give me $600 and drive the car home.

God willing.


* * *

...the FedEx guy just left the box at the front door. WTF, they couldn't do that yesterday? I bet the "exception" was some lazy-ass who didn't want to drive down my street because he only had one package to deliver here, and the truck I heard wasn't the FedEx truck after all.

Anyway, I've got the mobo; it's sitting right here in its box and I've already looked over the quick reference guide.

Case is still scheduled for delivery on Thursday and the memory is now in the hands of the USPS; at last report it was in Carol Stream so it'll probably be delivered either Thursday or Friday with my regular mail. I can live with that.

* * *

GM hasn't sold even 10,000 Volts this year, yet still plans to make 60,000 next year.

Sure, there's nothing like increasing production on a product nobody wants, isn't there?

* * *

OMG, the Dow is off sixteen whole points today. Flee in terror.

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