atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2996: Good God, I've got a headache

We got the brakes bled, and I took one last drive around the block to make sure everything was working all right. It would have been better if the brakes hadn't had a serious coating of rust on them, but they work, and the car's safe to drive.

How fitting: the first time I drove that car, it had no plates and no insurance; and the same was true of the last time I drove it.

I watched with a heart full of bittersweet feelings as it drove away from me. On the plus side, it's gone to a place where it will be used a lot more often than I was using it. On the minus side, it's a car I basically built with my own hands. (Major assemblies, anyway, such as the engine.)

I'm Escort-less again, for the first time since 1992. Damn.

* * *

It was a pretty stressful couple of days, all told, which is why I now have the headache. Not having eaten since 6 PM might also have something to do with it. Well, there's leftover General Tao's Chicken in the fridge, so I guess I'll eat that.

Tomorrow I need to visit the bank and I've got to go shopping, damn it. I'm nearly out of pop and cat food.

* * *

(Actually I had some snacks at Bible study, but it wasn't much--a few slices of cheese, a few crackers, and a couple smallish brownies.)

* * *

So now I'm going to play WoW for a little while...if I can concentrate on it. Heh.

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