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#2997: Great Christ, my body aches today.

Over the past couple days I've gotten a lot of exercise, working on that car. Other than doing some grocery shopping I don't expect to accomplish much today. *sigh*

I am hoping to get my pills today. I called the doctor's office and while I waited on hold they called in the RX to Wal-Mart. "They said they'll fill it today," said the woman I talked to.

So around 2 or 3 perhaps I'll call the Wal-Mart pharmacy and see if my RXes are ready; and if they are, off I go.

I wonder if I have enough strength in my arms to ride the motorcycle.

Anyway, with the Escort gone, I've almost totally abandoned the notion of parking on one side or the other of the driveway. Why do it? No one else lives here. No one comes to visit. (Seldom, anyway.) Until I replace the Fiero's brake lines, I can't drive it, so I don't need room to get it out of the garage.

This has been a multi-car household since the 1970s. Since I first got my driver's license in 1983, there has never--until now--been a time when I didn't have to make sure there was room for other cars in the driveway.

Dang, what a weird feeling.

* * *

"There's a-gonna be a double-dip!" No, there isn't. A "double dip" requires that we actually exit one recession first, and only the people in Washington, D.C. and NYC think the recession ended in 2009. Everyone else knows better.

* * *


Related: California is not taking in as much tax revenue as it expected. In the first quarter of California's fiscal year the state is already nearly three quarters of a billion dollars short.

* * *

The case for the torrent box shows up as having arrived here in Illinois. It's got to percolate through the local UPS infrastructure but it's still on track for delivery tomorrow, so that's fine.

I took the motherboard out of its antistatic bag last night and took a close look at it. It's so small, it's hard to believe that it's more powerful than nearly every other computer I've ever owned. In fact, if you exclude my current desktop and laptop machines, and add up the clock speeds and memory capacity of all the other computers I've ever owned--from the P3 with its 1 GHz clock speed all the way down to the third-hand TRS-80 Model 1--the aggregate is still less than the computing power of this $40 bit of silicon, epoxy, copper, and lead.

The thing's about 6.5 inches on a side.

Compare that to an IBM PC-AT motherboard, which is not less than fourteen inches square, and which has considerably less than one percent of tte processing power (maybe 1% of 1%!) and which cost thousands of dollars when it was state-of-the-art, and for many, many years afterwards. (80286 processor, without a floating point coprocessor, running at 10 MHz. Maybe a megabyte of RAM. Yeah.)

Looking at it that way, the march of technological progress manages to amaze even me. I thought I had become numb to it, but I guess I just have to frame the discussion the right way.

* * *

Today looks to be the last day of "indian summer' this year. After this the high temps will be in the sixties; and the next week or so seems to have the second round of the autumn precipitation.

Seems like we normally have a couple of rainy periods in autumn; as the atmosphere cools over the northern hemisphere it gives up all the moisture it absorbed during the summer, and it rains for a week or so. We get a week or three where it's pleasantly warm during the day and crisp at night; then we have another rainy period, and afterwards it's moderately chilly until late November or early December.

Then, one day, BAM! It's f-ing cold until April.

If we had a way to locally modify the laws of probability, we could then confine these shifts in weather patterns to specific days (with some margin of error) and make autumn more enjoyable. The technology required to do this is approximately "magic" from where we are now.

* * *

Anyway, as I said above, I'm tired. I'm going back to bed.

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