atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3009: Okay, that eliminates the codec as the problem.

I downloaded CCCP and removed K-Lite from my system, and installed CCCP.

No change.

I copied one of the offending files to Cephiro's hard drive--more on that in a moment.

No change.


The Haruhi movie in all its 1080p BD rip glory still plays the video too slow and the sound cuts out every 5 seconds while the video catches up to where the sound is. I tried the files that used to do this; they don't. They work fine.


I'm really hoping this isn't a hardware issue. The last time I had this problem it turned out not to be; but if my machine can no longer play videos encoded with "cutting edge" codecs I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do about it. But if Wonderduck's Chiyosuke can do it, mine ought to, which means it's just a matter of figuring out WTF is wrong, here.

I changed some of the driver settings and that helped, but it requires a reboot. I'm going to check that out next.

I love how this stuff gets an upgrade and it totally breaks operation, and I have to spend hours futzing around to make it work again. This is shit.

Anyway, the other thing I learned is that Cephiro has a 100 Mbit Ethernet port, and not a 1 Gbit port. Copying the Haruhi movie I saw the copy speed running at 10 MB/s and thought, "WTF?" Yeah: the hardware is 10/100, not 10/100/1000, so I could have gotten along just fine with a 100 Mbit switch all along. Argh etc.

The reboot has made things better; the frequency of the sound dropouts is much lower, but it's still happening.

The only thing I've got left--if twiddling the video driver doesn't fix it--is to try ZoomPlayer, which sucks because I really like Media Player Classic and because it's $60.

...and the video and audio just run out of sync, getting farther and farther out as playback continues. *sigh*

I don't know WTF to do now.

A few other things:

1) The version of the Haruhi movie that I had before works fine and looks fantastic. It's a bit less than 4 GB. This version is 1080p and works fine. The version I got recently is a bit less than nine GB, and doesn't work. It certainly doesn't look any better.

2) File size doesn't seem to be an issue, though. The Patlabor movies are 8 GB each and they play fine. They're just not encoded with Hi10p.

3) I fail to see how Wonderduck could have no problems with this stuff while I--with a computer of the same vintage--am having problems, unless it's because I have an ATI video card. Buying a new video card is not an option right now, so

4) I'm just going to have to do my damnedest to avoid Hi10p encodes until the drivers and codecs all get with the program and it works again.

What a royal pain in the ass this is.

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