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Honestly, I have no idea why the hell it's running. It's scheduled to run on the 26th (or was until I turned that crap off) and it's run some six times today for no apparent reason.

But El-Hazard now has an appropriate desktop:

This is Floristica, the capitol of Roshtaria, in El Hazard. At its native resolution--the resolution in which I grabbed the image--it's pretty much displayed in "crappy vision", especially when magnified to 47" diagonal on the blab slab.

Unfortunately, because El Hazard is "old school" anime--US release vintage 1994--there are almost no images on-line of any of the scenery or architecture and I had to go with what I had.

But it's not egregiously bad, either, so WTF. I'm thinking of borrowing a copy of the DVD and trying to get a better screencap, but that's not strictly necessary.

Og made the joke that he would name such a machine "El Choking Hazard" but it's not quite that small, unless you've got a very big mouth. I do have around here, somewhere, a copy of XP that is not currently installed on any usable computer, so theoretically I may be able to install that on El-Hazard instead of Vista. XP would run fast on that machine and probably be less annoying than Vista.

* * *

The federal budget has never decreased; it has always grown. The "deficit reduction" bullshit spewed this past year was nothing but theater; it was merely a reduction in the rate of growth.

* * *

The future for us if ObamaCare is allowed to stand. Canadian woman breaks her hip at a hospital and is told to call an ambulance. Why?

The article gives no real explanation. "It's the hospital's policy." Okay, why is that the hospital's policy? What bone-headed shit-for-brains bean-counter thought that made sense? And why was this policy still in effect after it was shown to be a bad one, as the article alleges?

* * *

Speaking of "bone-headed shit-for-brains" Harry Reid says we need to be worried about the employment rate of government employees more than the private sector.

* * *


* * *

I feel crummy. Last night I skipped Bible study because i simply have no energy; the sinusitis is in full swing and it's taking its usual toll. I talked to my brother and he's going to call an RX in for some Amoxicillin, which usually does the job nicely.

I wouldn't ask him to prescribe anything other than something basic and simple like that only because of the legalities involved. I figure since you can't get high off antibiotics it's safe for all parties. (WTF, you can buy Amox. over the counter in Mexico.)

But for the past several weeks I've had sinus congestion and runny nose and dry cough and-and-and; I've been putting off making the call because my brother's a busy person and I never thought of it during reasonable phoning hours. Today I had to make a phone call to him about the land trust documentation, so I used that excuse to ask for the RX at the same time. It ought to be filled and ready for pickup in an hour or so.

With the "fatigue" part of the equation ramping up, though, I need something to knock this crap out. Going to see my regular doctor would be pretty much an unmitigated pain in the ass--which is another reason I want to switch providers, and will just as soon as I accomplish some of the other 50,000 things that are on my to-do list.

* * *

Dinner last night was a torta from Super Burrito! The closest I can come to describing it is "grilled burrito sandwich". It's got the usual burrito fillings on grilled bread, and it's yummy. I also got a burrito, and that ended up being my late evening meal.

Tomorrow is therapy day. I don't know WTF else I'm going to do besides go see the therapist and take amoxicillin; it's supposed to be a rainy day and I don't have the energy to think right now. *sigh*

* * *

We're only about 11 or 12 days away from November. WTF, it was September a few days ago! What happened?

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