atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3012: The frost is on the pumpkin!

...whatever that means. It's something Dad always said.

The grass in the back yard is frosted with...frost. Yesterday morning it was just the rooftops; now it's down to ground level.

My aim for today is to get a couple of minor things accomplished. One of those will be going to the grocery store and picking up some HAM and cheese. Possibly bread and Pepsi and a couple of other minor things...including DESPAIRagus. It's on sale for $2 per pound and I wouldn't mind having some with a meal of some sort, though I'm not sure exactly what that will be. Maybe beef stroganoff; I haven't had that one for a while.

* * *

Muslims expect to get paid to pray. The least-tolerant religion in the world expects everyone to bend over backwards for them.

Fuck islam. Fuck it with a dildo made of pig bones and lubricated with bacon grease.

* * *

On second thought, save the bacon grease for something worthwhile.

* * *

I grabbed a few more BakaBT torrents with El-Hazard and I'm aggressively enforcing the "no uploads past 1.0 ratio from anything but BakaBT torrents" rule. So that should be helping my ratio; what would really help would be if I'd get off the stick and migrate all the BakaBT torrents from Cephiro to El Hazard and reseed them.

The only real problem I have here is that the uplink gets saturated and then I can't do anything else. I'm going to have to limit the number of upload connections so that I can do other things. It certainly isn't maxing out the bandwidth of the uplink, which is 768 Kbps (or 96 KB/s) considering that it's usually running about 60 or so when I don't have a BW limit in place.

The router has a limited number of "handles" in its TCP/IP stack, which is probably the root cause of the problem. People have advised me to buy a different router (this one) but it's $55 and the NetGear one I've got now works well. (Better than the AirLink one I had, which saturated more often than this one does.) The advantage of the LinkSys router is that one can install aftermarket firmware which is superior to the standard firmware in the thing.

Anyway, I need breakfast, and the router's getting a firmware upgrade while I cook. Later!

UPDATE: DIY Crunchy Frog!

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