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#3013: Migration

I figured out how to do it and migrated two torrents to El-Hazard from Cephiro. Since Cephiro has only a 100 Mbps Ethernet port, it takes an unreasonably long time to copy gigabytes of data from one machine to the other, but once the data is there I can just pull the torrent file from the server and let uTorrent do its magic.

The way I've set up El-Hazard, completed torrents are kept separate from ones that are still in work. That's an issue I've run into every so often on Cephiro: go to watch something only to find that the torrent isn't complete. This will avoid that; so El-Hazard has two directories for torrents: "Torrents", which is the directory into which the data is placed as the torrent is downloading; and "Finished torrents" which is where torrents are moved after they're finished. uTorrent does this automatically; all one has to do is tell it to do so and specify a target directory.

In order to migrate from one machine to another, the torrent has to be put into the download directory (rather than the "completed torrents" directory, whatever its name may be) for the program to be able to see that it's already got the data and go right to seeding it; but once it's checked the torrent it moves it and all is well.

The real issue now is one of drive space. I need to take a deep breath, remind myself that the data on that drive is duplicated two other places, and press "DELETE". It's not easy to stomach the idea of deleting 250 GB of data.

* * *

...and try not to think about the fact that I just filled up the Jeep's gas tank for $51, which is most of a brand-new (albeit cheap) 500 GB hard drive. (A few bucks more, plus a few more than that for tax. *sigh*) But I need the gasoline--absolutely "can not do without" need--and I don't need the hard drive.

Even though the hard drive will last much longer than the gasoline will.

Interesting bit: the Jeep has felt "tired" for quite a while. I figured, "Truck, low gearing, what can you do?" But when I went to fill up I went to the corner gas station instead of the one I normally go to...and as I left the Chinese place (General Tao's chicken combination dinner FTW) I noticed that the thing's throttle response was...snappy. Now, I needed 16 gallons of gas--I let it run all the way until the light came on, this time--so there wasn't very much of the old stuff in the tank. Is it possible that perhaps the gasoline I normally buy is not as good as the stuff I bought tonight?

Look: gasoline is a commodity. There are regulations for purity and octane rating but the only difference across brands is supposed to be things like additives (detergents and the like). In other words, the gas you buy from Cheap-o Joe's Gas-and-Git is the same stuff you get from BP, only there are fewer additives in it.

But I recall a recent EPA decision that "10% ethanol" can really mean as much as 15%; and if the station I normally go to is selling me E15 that would explain a lot. Most modern engines won't gripe too much about a 5% change in fuel composition but fuel economy and performance will suffer. This is win-win for gas stations: they get their product for less money because of the government subsidies on ethanol in fuel, and people need to buy more of the stuff because of the performance/economy hit.

So I'm going to buy gas from the corner gas station for the next few tankfuls and see how it goes. The "ass-o-meter" is not a precision measuring instrument but I can get some hard data just by tracking my fuel economy, and if I'm right my "around town" fuel economy will go back up to 18 MPG.

If I'm wrong? *shrug* It doesn't end up costing me anything, except maybe a few cents per gallon here and there. Both places have approximately the same prices most of the time, and when there's a difference it's usually the corner gas station being a few cents higher per gallon. That may be coincidental and it may be an indicator. We'll see. But if this turns out to be true--that the gas from the normal place is sub-par--it's going to be the very, very first time I have ever noticed any kind of performance difference between brands of gasoline.

More likely it's my imagination.

* * *

Every time I see a field full of geese, I can't help but think of how much food is standing there just waiting to be taken.

There are too many damn geese around here. It used to be that you never saw them around here, because we were basically a rest stop on the migration route. But since hunting has become passe, the population has exploded, so they tend to hang out more.

...and they hang out in the tony suburbs where you'll go to jail for a long time if you even think about firing a gun within city limits. Then people complain about how much of a nuisance they are. "Will you look at that? Goddamed geese crapped all over the eighth green. I could have made par if it wasn't for that shit." Well, let us hunt them-- "ARE YOU CRAZY? We're not gonna let you gun nuts go shooting things here! People will die! All you gun nuts think about is killing things and people!"

Then STFU about your f-ing golf course.

Geese are pretty birds; I won't argue the point...but they're also food, damn it..

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