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#3014: Happening too often: police ignoring Constitution

Raids without a warrant? If you're going onto someone's property and searching it, holding the owners at gunpoint, shooting their dogs, and ransacking things, you for damn sure ought to have a motherfucking warrant authorizing such activity. If you don't have a warrant, your search is illegal.

I hope those people sue, sue, sue. I sure as hell would.


Related: Guy behind "Fast and Furious" has a history of retailiating against subordinates. And, in fact, the entire command structure of BATFE is corrupt to the freakin' core.

* * *

"Now I know you artsy types are on my side in this thing, and I'm going to give you a chance to prove it." The skinflint-in-chief is asking people to work for free to help him promote his jobs bill.

...yeah, every time I think this administration has reached the limit for unmitigated gall, they go and surprise me.

* * *

Good news! Joe Biden has not ruled out a run for President in 2016!

...the one man in America who would be a worse President than Barack Hussein Obama is pondering a run. That would be the gift that keeps on giving, wouldn't it? If Obama is Carter 2.0, then Biden is Mondale 3.31 at least.

* * *

Guy uses a metal bar to defend himself from an attack by two women, and ends up in jail for it. That's wrong. Of course, this is in New York City, so it's not all that surprising.

* * *

I thnk I've finally nailed down how to keep El-Hazard from hogging all the bandwidth. The problem was not one of channel width, but of something I'm calling (probably incorrectly) a lack of "handles": what's happening is that uTorrent was hogging all the possible connections through the router, leaving none for any other application on any other computer.

WoW was working, because once WoW had a "handle" it didn't let go of it. But Firefox doesn't (and, I infer, web browsers in general don't) work that way.

So I'd get 404'd all the damn time over here on Cephiro, because El-Hazard was using all the available "handles". I could only load web pages by cranking the outgoing bandwidth way down (like 30 kB/s). But uTorrent allows you to limit the number of outgoing connections; and when I did that, presto! I could reliably load web pages again over here on Cephiro, even with the upload pipe wide open.

A typical URL ought to fit in one TCP/IP packet (or two at most) and it's not like I need gobs of uplink BW to surf the web. But if there isn't a way for Cephiro to send that packet or two out, I might as well not bother.

There is probably a way to reserve channels for applications, but I haven't gotten that far yet. This seems to work fine, for the moment, and if I get to the point that I need traffic shaping I'd wager I'm going to be saturating my relatively small DSL pipe anyway.

On the plus side I haven't needed to shut down uTorrent for a while, so even at an average of about 45kB/s I've amassed an uplink total of nealy 10 GB (9.1 right now, and probably 10 by the end of the day). My ratio over at BakaBT is slowly improving, having reached 0.35 from a nadir of 0.319 a few days ago.

I wish this damn torrent would be finalized and released for general download, damn it. The complete run of To Aru Majutsu no Index light novels, conveniently arranged for download to an ereader. *sigh*

* * *

Speaking of which, I'm still pondering getting myself a Kindle. The prices for the things are right around what I paid for the Aluratek; and unless I miss my guess I'd wager theyr'e going to drop a bit further come late November. If I could get a Kindle Touch WiFi without ads for $100 I'd probably jump on it so fast I'd pull a groin muscle, and I have to believe that price point is coming fairly soon.

What I don't want to do is buy one now and--as happened with the Aluratek--see the price drop to $99.95 a month later. That shit gets old fast.

* * *

I've been sleeping a lot of late, because the sinusitis saps my energy; but last night I was awake after about 1 AM and I ended up watching anime. I ran through the playlist:
Hen Zemi
Dragon Crisis
To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Fairy Tail
Seems like I watch anime about 2 times per month of late, and that's got to change. Stuff is piling up!

So WoW is going to be dialed back a bit for a while. Ormus got "the Hallowed" thanks to some help from guildies and a quick trip to a battleground; I'm not going to be able to get it for Erogami because she's too low a level to get into the dungeon and my fellow guildies are never on so I can't get a run, either.

I couldn't remember when I watched Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-Chan. I had the ED theme going through my head and owing to how the memories felt, I thought I'd started watching it before Mom died; but it turns out that I started it in March. Not really all that big a surprise, considering how March-April-May went. "The Spring from Hell". *sigh* It makes me glad I keep the old log files; WTF, they're TXT and they don't take much space.

Anyway, part of the problem is that--other than Fairy Tail--none of the series I'm watching really grab me. Index is pretty f-ing good, but it would take Gainax-level mismanagement to screw that up. Of the series on the current playlist Fractale is the most interesting to me just because it's something new to me.

Honestly, I think it's underrated by other fans. The animation is beautiful and the story--well, the big confrontation between "us" and "them" is about to take place, and I don't feel assured that all of "us" are going to survive the encounter. Of course "red shirts" get axed all the damn time, but I'm talking about named characters.

Getting a viewer--especially a jaded one who's a storyteller, like me--to abandon the notion that "of course all the main characters will survive!" is never an easy trick.

I like the world and the story and the characters. When we first see the world it looks like a pretty good place to live, but as the story goes on and we learn more about it we discover that appearances can be deceiving. Little by little you find your attitude about the world changing until you realize that you're now rooting for the guys you disliked in the first few epsiodes. That is good storytelling.

* * *

Og still hasn't posted pictures of the AR-15, most of which he bought with the ill-gotten gains money he got from selling me the motorcycle.

If I didn't still feel like a zombie I'd probably drop in on him with my camera, take pictures, and post them myself. Unfortunately I'm halfway in the bag right now, after waking around 10-ish. That's not exactly "you're well again!" territory, and when I have no energy I'm not much fun to be around.

I didn't ride the motorcycle yesterday and I won't be riding it today (esp. since it's supposed to rain this afternoon). Maybe--maybe--I will ride it tomorrow. I don't know yet.

...I'm going to have to drain the fuel from the carbs before I mothball it for the winter. That won't take much doing, but it requires that I have the energy to do it--something that's been in short supply for the past couple weeks. Argh etc.

Also, fixing the Fiero. And doing winter prep maintenance on the Jeep. And--

But what do I expect? I've been on the Amox. for four days. The stuff is working but it doesn't work instantly; it's not Levaquin or anything. (Not that I want Levaquin for a run-of-the-mill infection. Have you priced that stuff?) Four days out of a 21-day course, I might add, because the sinuses are really hard to clean out and you need to keep pounding the bugs until they are allgone.

* * *

There's only about a week worth of October left. Shit. And then it'll be Christmas season--where did the year go?

Halloween will make it five months since I got out of the nuthouse. It feels like five years, yet July was a month ago or so, and I could have sworn that I just finished the motorcycle riding course the week before last at most.

...yet it took an Einstein to explain to us that time is relative? WTF.

Like people who have lived through a huge disaster, I kind of feel like I'm now separating my life into "before" and "after". Well, although it was a lot more personal than most disasters run, it certainly was a disaster. "After" is taking more rebuild time than I'd anticipated or hoped it would.

Of the time that's elapsed since my release, June was the longest month of them all. I was anticipating the 4th of July, and riding my motorcycle, and having fun before buckling down and finding a job. But the job hasn't materialized yet, and I'm coming to realize that--although it's making me spend money I don't want to spend--that's not entirely a bad thing.

It took me a long time to get into the place where I found myself needing hospitalization. I was stable but not well when I got out; it's going to take time to get back on an even keel and I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm anywhere near that point yet. It's probably better for me to be where I am right now than to try to push it.

WTF, it's not like I know what the hell I'm doing.

* * *

Anyway, being zombie-fied means I'm going back to bed, because it seems as if some tiny goblins attached those cursed lead weights to my eyelids again....

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