atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3015: Well, I feel less fuzzy.

My brain feels clearer than it has for a while. The amoxicillin must be making progress.

Woke up around 3-ish with an appetite, so I crowbarred myself out of bed and hit the kitchen to make a sandwich: use up the last of the turkey, along with ham and havarti and a couple slices of bacon--that would be good, I decided.

I had taken a package of bacon out of the freezer the other day when I went to make a bacon and egg breakfast and had used the last of the previous package; after getting two slices free of the slab the rest had gone into the refrigerator to thaw, so I could separate the slices and re-freeze it.

Since I wanted bacon on my impending sandwich, now was the time.

...problem was, the package of bacon I'd bought was not exactly the best selection I had ever made. The problem comes from not being able to see all the slices, of course, so the "hidden" ones were mostly fat, and in the process of trying to separate them I ended up with many pieces of bacon fat instead of four slices. "Well," I told myself, "this is a complete cluster-fuck."

I took the pieces of suet and stuck them in a small ziplock bag labeled "BACON FAT" and stuck it in the freezer. Having heard Og talk about how one can use bacon fat to enrich the flavor of deer meat, I figured I ought to save it; besides, it has many other uses as well.

Microwaved two slices of bacon for two minutes; if I'm going to make a habit of doing it this way I need a bacon crisper rather than using paper towels. I don't want to waste the fat, and I also don't want to have to wipe the turntable clean every time, either. But the bacon came out just right and the sandwich was delicious.

* * *

I read some stuff about guns and it reminded me that I really want to get my FOID back so I can possess firearms again.

My brother in law in Maine (deceased Feb 2009) had a very nice SKS, and I have made arrangements with my niece and nephew to purchase it once I have my FOID back. It and whatever ammo they have laying around for it. I still need to find a good rifle range around here somewhere, dang it, so I can shoot this kind of thing, but obviously all that is subordinate to my actually having the legal ability to possess guns again.


* * *

I was looking at JC Whitney's motorcycle catalog this afternoon, and seeing things I could use for the GS450. For one thing, they have oil filters for $5 each, which is less than the "three for $20" I saw on eBay--though I have to wonder what shipping would cost. But the catalog also lists things like chains, sprockets, brake pads and shoes, all kinds of wear items; and it lists riding clothing, too.

The bike needs rear brakes. If it's been more than a day or two since I last rode it, the rear brakes squeal like a sorority house being visited by [handsome underwear-clad actor]. Originally I'd thought it was just from the thing sitting in Og's shed for so long--and the fact that it went away supported that--but it comes back too quickly for it to be simple disuse. I'd wager the shoes need replacing. Fortunately they shouldn't cost a hell of a lot.

...and I keep thinking about the tires. They have good tread on them, but how old are they? It might behoove me to replace them.

Problem is, I can't just prop this bike up on a milk crate; it weighs more than four hundred pounds. I need a proper motorcycle jack if I'm going to take the tires off (even one at a time) and that means a trip to Harbor Freight for another tool.


* * *

Well, my primary aim for today is to go get a haircut. And I intend to ride the motorcycle over to SuperCuts to have it done, if possible. Whee! It's a never-ending adventure!

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