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#3016: It's fun to run errands on your motorcycle!

Strapped the battery for Sailor V's ATV onto the luggage rack and rode out to VHQ; dropped it off with the terminals and crimpers he needs to install it. Then I went for a haircut.

Absolutely gorgeous day for riding, too. I got my hair whacked back enough that I shouldn't need another haircut this year. It ought to be "just right" around Christmastime (maybe need a trim) but this is my hair we're talking about. *sigh* Anyway it's not quite as good as the last couple of times but WTF, it'll grow and it won't keep me from doing well on a job interview if any are in the offing. (Not optimistic about that, but you never know.)

In any case, once done at the SuperCuts I set out for home. My original plan had been just to go home, but the weather was so nice I didn't want to go straight home. Instead I rode out to the Crete McDonald's and got me a couple McRib--yes, they're back!--and rode home from there with them in my coat. I just wolfed down one and will eat the other in a bit.

Breakfast was 3 eggs over easy, 4 slices of toast, and two strips of bacon...around 6 AM. Of course I'm hungry 6 hours later.

I've been up since 3 AM. Jeeze-louise.

* * *

They may have found Marizela. This would provide closure for Michelle Malkin and her family, but no one wants it to be like this. Everyone would prefer that Marizela was found alive and healthy. Sadly, it's really not the way to bet.

It's only made worse by the fact that the detective assigned to the case is apparently a lazy and incompetent asshole who can't be bothered to do his job. Seven months after Marizela was first reported missing her DNA and dental records are still not in the police database. The police didn't even accept the information from her parents until May, two months after the initial report.

* * *

You can live well on $11k per year if you're careful with money. Even in the United States. You're not going to be living in a Taj Majal and you're not going to have all the latest gewgaws, but you can do it.

...I have to sit down and figure out what I've spent in living expenses this year. I bet it's less than that; then again I'm not paying rent.

* * *

Brian Dunbar points out the flaws in a firearm law written by lawyers who don't know the first damn thing about guns.

* * *

I can't fault Don's reasoning. I believe that nominating Mitt Romney will be the surest way to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama. But WTF, even if we elected Romney, we'd still be electing Barack Hussein Obama LITE, so what's the f-ing difference anyway?

* * *

President Jughead is not a political master. There were plenty of us who were saying that from the get-go, but you idiots just wouldn't listen to us, oh no!

* * *

Vegans are actually more cruel to animals than those of us who eat meat. Believe it or not.

* * *

The economy is improving! Layoffs are slowing! ...that's not a sign that the economy is improving. That's a sign that businesses are running out of people to lay off.

In the same vein, DOOM!

* * *

This old argument again. I find it very hard to believe that any but the most severe cases can't perform with a real person rather than his hand and Internet smut.
According to a report in Psychology Today, a respected U.S. journal, the problem is now so common that men in their 20s consider their inability to perform to be 'normal'.

The report, called 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction is a Growing Problem', explains that the loss of libido 30 years early is caused by continuous over-stimulation of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that activates the body's reaction to sexual pleasure, by repeatedly viewing pornography on the internet.
Okay, if you're watching that much pr0n, you have a serious problem anyway that has nothing to do with whether or not you can actually perform with another person. This is ludicrous.

* * *

No one can live in Chernobyl...except, apparently, wild animals and plants, which are doing just fine.
In the absence of human beings, the remaining creatures seem to be doing just fine. I believe that is because it is hard to teach animals to be afraid of radiation; they do not watch many scary movies or news programs featuring breathless commentators interviewing publicity seeking “experts” whose main claim to fame is a lack of actual nuclear plant operating experience. Even long-lived creatures like catfish and eagles show few signs that they are constantly eating contaminated food from an area that has been officially declared to be unfit for habitation.
Go figure. We operate based on the (demonstrated via faulty science) notion that any radiation exposure is bad for you. If 1 REM will increase your risk of cancer by 100%, 0.5 REM will increase your risk of cancer by 50%, and 0.01 REM will increase it by 1%.

The science--we have recently learned--is full of made-up numbers. Real science is demonstrating that the 0.01 REM exposure (mind you these are PDOOMA* numbers, not real ones) won't increase your chance of cancer at all and in fact may reduce your risk.

*=Pulled Directly Out Of My Ass

* * *

This is awfully optimistic:
More important is to think through what America's public policies will be if Republicans control the White House, the Senate and House come January 2013. Simply put, if Republicans win they will reduce federal spending--hopefully back to where it was as a percentage of GDP in the 15 years before 2009. One may also hope they will balance the budget and scale back the intrusiveness of the federal government.
None of that will happen.

They won't reduce federal spending. They might--only "might"--reduce the rate of growth, but I have seen zero evidence that the GOP is interested in making real cuts to federal spending. I have absolutely no confidence that--should the GOP win big next year--anything will actually change, other than the names on the office doors.

* * *

Og's AR-15 is nearly complete. It's not a fully armed and operational battle station yet, but it's getting there.

I bet that damn thing's going to be a hoot to shoot.

* * *

It's a lovely day, but having run my errands and eaten two McRibs I'm starting to feel pretty sleepy. Well, I've been up since 3 AM, after all, after sleeping for about four hours.

Over the past few days I've just been sleeping whenever I felt like sleeping, rather than trying to keep any kind of schedule. It's nice that I had the energy to get some things done today, and I'm hoping to have enough energy to get more stuff done on the morrow.

For the time being, though, I'm feeling pretty beat. *yawn*

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