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#3020: "Unexpected"!

"Consumer confidence in the U.S. unexpectedly sank and home prices stagnated," begins this piece on how consumer confidence has hit a 2-year low in the US.

A few paragraphs down the article tells us that the economy is growing and the rate of growth is rising--at least, these are the "expected" data coming from the impending economic report to be released by the government on Friday.

...the same government that has absolutely no incentive whatsoever to lie about it! Why are you even thinking that, you neocon nazi asshole bastard fuckstick? If the government says the economy is getting better, it is getting better because there's a Democrat in the White House! It has nothing to do with the artificial inflation of GDP statistics via insane levels of government spending!


* * *

It's a robotic exoskeleton. It's outside the skin, so it's an exo skeleton. A "robotic skeleton" would be something like the CSM-101 without its Arnold suit on.

* * *

This is relevant to my current project. Deciphering coded messages to which the key has been lost, with TECHNOLOGY!

* * *

Now some people are just shocked that "Arab Spring" has led to an increase in the number of islamic totalitarianist countries in the world. Oh yeah. There were plenty of us who said it was gonna happen, but we and our concerns were dismissed as just a bunch of RETHUGLIKKKAN NEOCON NAZI ASSHOLES WHO DON'T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. Yeah.

* * *

Fred unleashes the sarcasm on the feminist trope that men are stupid brutes with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

* * *

Obama thinks--incorrectly--he's "all that".

Obama is (true to form as a narcissist) taking credit for all the effort others spent on electing him and furthering his policies. His political acumen won him the Senate seat in 2004, not the press suing to have Ryan's divorce records unsealed. His great oratory got him the Democrat nomination in 2008, not the breathless coverage of the mainstream media, which refused to air any stories critical of him. His bold leadership got ObamaCare passed, not the political hackery of the Democrat leaders in Congress.

It's gotten to the point that the man is believing the hype about him, even to believing all the exaggerations he tells about himself.

...and one of the myths which is consistently advanced by all the pundits is that Obama is a great orator. He's not. A great orator can give a clear speech, free of "um" and "ah", from a few note cards or even off the cuff. Obama becomes a stammering mess if he doesn't have a teleprompter to feed him his lines; and then when he reads the thing his head pivots from side to side robotically, with the cadence of a metronome. He is not an orator, "gifted" or not.

This is the man who screwed up taking his oath of office, which consists of repeating after someone else. Okay? He had to do it over again in private after the public ceremony to make it legal.

I can see people on the conservative side saying it just as a paean to liberals, though. "We don't really think he's a great orator, but let's just say he is." It only makes the "Stuttering" part of SCOAMF more tragic.

* * *

If you have any familiarity with the history of the 20th century you can understand where this article is coming from. There are plenty of good reasons why the US will probably not experience hyperinflation. A lot of things will have to go wrong in exactly the right (wrong?) way for our currency to inflate itself into toilet paper; but it's not certain that we face that.

That said, some serious inflation is in our future. We can't avoid it; prices are up 30% in the past five years and there's no reason for that to change since we're printing money. TARP, stimulus, QEX--all these things are inflationary, and everyone knows it.

Expect--when this is all over with--gold to fetch about $50,000 per ounce. That'll be not-good, but it's a far cry from "toilet paper" where you need to use scientific notation on your money because there's just not enough room for that many zeros. (Not if you want them to be legible without a magnifying glass.)

It'll mean the end of pocket change denominated in "cents", because a gallon of gas will cost you about $70 and a candy bar will run $26. Your savings will be virtually worthless and probably whatever instruments you put your retirement fund into will also not keep pace with inflation, unless you're very lucky.

On the plus side? I ought to be able to pay off my student loans by working for few weeks at minimum wage ($150-ish per hour).

* * *

Obama seizes more power for his increasingly imperial administration. Why should he worry about that whole "separation of powers" thing when it just gets in his way? After all, it's not like the Constitution applies to him or anything.

* * *


Looks like China's housing bubble is starting to pop. Translation: BAD NEWS.

The collapse of the Eurozone will cause trouble for the United States. Those who think otherwise are fooling themselves. Translation: BAD NEWS.

Birth rates could well decline. This would be both good and bad. Mostly bad, because it means fewer people chasing a surplus of housing. Also because it takes a certain number of people to maintain an industrialized economy. Translation: BAD NEWS.

Have the bank runs begun in Greece? Translation: BAD NEWS.

Government Motors is stepping on its weenie. Translation: BAD NEWS. (Or "nuze".)

It's enough to make me want to hide under the bed. Maybe build a sub-bed so I can get some sleep down there in comfort and safety. (As long as no one jumps on the thing, that is. Well, no escape plan is perfect.) (Sorry about using the old story but I can't find the post from this year's incident of bed breakage. *sigh* It's all about the same anyway.)

* * *

I'm sticking to my determination to watch more f-ing anime. Playlist:
Hen Zemi
30-sai no Hokein Taiiku
To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Fairy Tail
Hen Zemi is on ep 10, so it's almost over. I watched the last ep of Dragon Crisis just this morning so it's dropped off the list. 30-sai and SofTenni are new additions, and I think I'll look for BD rips of them, because the censorship is annoying.

I'm really wanting the main antagonist in the "St. Peter's Cross" arc of Index II to end up being a good guy, the way Stiyl did. (Or the way Kiyama-sensei did in Railgun.) Damn is she hot.

I still have more stuff to watch so I'm going to be trying to hit 2-3 sessions per week of this stuff until I'm more-or-less caught up.

* * *

Big plans for today! shopping. I am out of breakfast things and another 6-pack of diet Pepsi would not be unwarranted.

Guess I'd better get moving.

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