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#3022: Where the hell is the milk?

Yesterday I hit the store for a few things. Bacon, eggs, etc--and milk. This morning when I cooked breakfast I got out a glass and prepared to pour myself a nice glass of milk to have with my breakfast. Good old whole milk! milk.


Now, I remember putting a half gallon of milk in my cart, and I remember putting the milk on the conveyor; but that was the last I saw of it. It's not in the Jeep (I checked) so it must never have made it from the conveyor back into my cart.


* * *

Giving the lie to the notion that Macintosh computers are somehow proof against malware. We're told that Macs are superior computers--in part--because they don't get malware infections.

Of course, it's a matter of market penetration. Hackers go after Windows machines because there are so damn many of them out there. Particularly when your hack relies on an un-patched OS, you need to have numbers on your side if you want to infest a lot of computers. Okay, no one writes trojans for Cray X-MPs, because there's no bloody point to it; how many Cray X-MPs are there? (Particularly still in use today, since my desktop computer is more powerful than one of those things?)

But Macs are becoming more popular as the performance differences iron themselves out. It used to be that you paid more for less performance when you bought a Mac; now you pay more for about the same performance, and more people are willing to pay a premium for "superior ease of use" however chimerical it might be.

So it's becoming worthwhile for hackers to start doing stuff on the Mac.

Once again we see that no OS is safe from malicious people, and the best defense against malware is to keep your OS patched to the latest version and use some kind of anti-malware program.

* * *

Rubio cannot be VP. Sorry. The thing about him being a "liar"--because he reportedly said that his parents fled Cuba under Castro--is of course due to a complete fabrication by the Washington Post.

I tried to leave a comment in the Market Ticker thread explaining that, but you're not allowed to post right after you register unless you pay, and I'm not willing to shell out my precious ducats to make one post correcting someone's hyperbolic mistake.

If the law says Rubio can't be VP, that's it; he doesn't get to be VP. Over, done. It doesn't matter if "Well, Obama got away with it!" because the Democrat party is the party of "We're gonna ignore and/or distort the laws we don't like" anyway. (Example: perjury is perfectly fine and not a crime or an impeachable offense when it's a Democrat President lying about his sex life.)

The GOP is supposed to be better than that. We're supposed to be the party of "Constitutional constructionism", meaning that if the Constitution says X, then X is the law--not "X plus this other thing we want to do even though X prohibits it because after all that other guy got away with it". No. Rule of law means that everyone is subject to the same laws and no one is above them. No one.

If Rubio is nominated to be VP, I don't care who the Presidential nominee is; I will not vote for that ticket.

* * *

The first part of this AoSHQ overnight thread demonstrates how more education spending does not fix anything. Take a look at that graph: in constant dollars, since 1970 spending has tripled and scores have remained constant. What does that tell you?

"Obviously we're still not spending enough money on education."


* * *

Ann Coulter puts the hurt on Joe Biden's latest buffoonery. The nice thing about Joe Biden is that--when you're just not feeling up to serious punditry--you can write something about him and not have to work as hard. He does all the hard work for you.

Joe Biden, making conservative commentary easier!

* * *

Obamanomics is hurting the middle class. Tell me about it. Shit.

* * *

A flier dropped on "Occupy Chicago".

* * *

Speaking of Occutards the shit's beginning to hit the fan. The various municipalities are getting sick of the squalor.

* * *

Europe staves off a major collapse in the Greece situation. People who hold Greek bonds are losing half their investments, and this is supposed to "fix" the problem...somehow. I don't really understand it; what I do understand is that besides Greece there are still Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain to deal with. Much of the fiscal horsepower of the Eurozone has been expended on preventing a Greek default; so if any of the others begins to cough up blood, there won't be much of anything left for Europe to use to deal with that crisis.

So there'll be a market rally today, and it'll last for a few days or maybe a couple of weeks...but Denninger makes a good case for this being only a temporary condition.

* * *

DOOM! Quoth:
Has a Eurozone deal been brokered at last? I sincerely doubt it. If the 50% haircut number is accurate, and is non-voluntary, it will count as a hard default and trigger CDS contracts in many cases. If "voluntary", they may not get enough buy-in for the deal to work. And even if they do jawbone bondholders into taking the haircut "voluntarily", it’ll only mean a few weeks of respite for the beleaguered Greeks anyhow. Their debt will still inexorably grow and grow. The whole charade is meant for French and German banks, not the Greeks. Sooner or later, the Greek citizenry will simply go into open revolt.
The link in this paragraph (not reproduced here) leads to a short discussion that says, "If true, this means that Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy will promptly commence sabotaging their economies (just like Greece) simply to get the same debt Blue Light special as Greece."

I mean, come on: if Greece gets to write down its debt by 50%, why shouldn't the other members of the PIIGS get to? Wouldn't you like it if you could simply not pay half of your debts, and not pay any penalty for it, either?

The problem is, the Eurozone can't take another situation like this. It's bad enough with one; but we've still got (as I said above) Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain to worry about.


GDP is not a good measure of national economic output. Particularly not when government can game the statistics the way it has been for the last five years.
...[W]hat often drives GDP up is far from something that would be considered economically stimulative. Indeed, government measures of inflation are notoriously slow to pick up on the horrors of dollar devaluation, but when devaluation leads to higher prices, GDP increases. Government spending, for the latter having no resources that it hasn't first extracted from the private sector also boosts GDP, and then if imports to the U.S. decline (a flashing negative economic signal if there ever was one), this actually registers as growth in the calculation of this most worthless of measures of our economic health.
So when the economy is really in the shitter, it can look like the economy is mending when--in fact--the economy is worsening.

They tell us that GDP rose 2.5% last quarter; but I'm inclined to believe that it only rose because government spent more and imports declined. After all, the government is spending more this year than it did last year.

* * *

The Dow spiked 250 points at opening on the news from Europe that Greece is "handled". Whee!

...I doubt it'll last long, as I said. A few days or maybe a couple weeks.

* * *

Anyway, I have chores and errands to do today, and therapy this afternoon. The former is all stuff that I've been putting off because I simply haven't had the energy to do any of it, but it's got to be done today, or else. *sigh*

Worst part is, it's cold and raining, which means I can't even ride the motorcycle to do my errands.

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