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#3026: Hi10p still screwy, but better

This morning I saw that there's now a version 7.9 of K-Lite Codec Pack, so I DLed it. Removed CCCP from Cephiro, installed that...and have exactly the same problems.

I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to disable the H.264 decoder on the video card, and finally had to go look at the help file. The switch for that is in a non-obvious place, and labeled in a non-obvious fashion, which is why it took going to the FAQ.

Now the video will play for about two minutes at a time without the audio dropping--better than having it happen every ten seconds or so--and will begin to run out-of-sync after that. *sigh*

It's doing this when the data stream is about 1.5 Mb/s wide--megabits, not -bytes--which is really pretty small for video. Considering that the data pipe from El-Hazard is 100 Mb wide, this shouldn't be an issue for streaming it via the network.

...and now it's doing it with the Patlabor movies again, which was fixed. These are 8 GB files on Cephiro's hard drive, with an input bandwidth of 8-10 Mb/s.

So when I run something like a random ep of Fractale, the video input rate bounces off of 15 Mb/s for some video sequences and averages around 9.5, so it's not because the computer is choking on a flood of data. It's the damn decoder not working right and I don't know why.

The video drivers must need updating. The latest version of them are from 9/28 of this year, and that's what's on my system now; it's going to take some time for AMD to get off its collective ass and issue another update, assuming they do it at all. It might be time to start pricing Nvidia cards, as much as I'd hate to spend the money right now.

But I've got SofTenni BD rips, encoded in Hi10p, downloading on El-Hazard as I type this; those clock in at about 490 MB each--I thought Hi10p was supposed to lead to smaller files?--and perhaps they will work where the ultra-big ones do not, for whatever reason.

Since the Patlabor movies have stopped working perhaps it's a sign that videos which are not multi-gigabyte files will work. And maybe I'm just grasping at straws.

God damn it, this is pissing me off.

* * *

Germany is saying there will be a war if the Euro fails. It's not Germany saying they're going to start something, I don't think, but it really doesn't take much of a crystal ball to figure out how things shake out once there's an economic disaster. Not when we have so many examples of how that's worked out in history, time and time again.

* * *

Erogami finally got a broom, because she finally got "Put Out The Fires!" accomplished. Turns out all the Horde folks do that quest in Firewing Square, because that's the easiest place to do it in all of Hordedom.

So when I was given the tip in trade chat, I said, "Oh, I hadn't even thought about belfland! Thanks!"

"I don't understand what that means."


"Blood ELF land. belfland."

"I don't get it."

"Silvermoon City is the home of the blood elves. The BELFs come from Silvermoon City. That's what makes it BELFLAND."

...further conversation was cut short as I left the city, and therefore trade chat. Which is just as well, because if I had had to amplify that any further, I would have been TYPING IN ALL CAPS AND CALLING THAT MOTHERFUCKER A SCREECHING MORON....

I had done the quest in order to get Tricky Treats, as I was 1 TT away from being able to buy a broom; but part of the reward for the related quest that pops up when you smash the Headless Horseman's pumpkin head is a "crudely wrapped package" which contains random drops. Mine included a broom, and I got a handful of TTs from both quests, so I spent the TTs on a "Burning Wickerman" which makes a cute little burning man for cooking.

Lacking anything better to do I then rode the broom around Azeroth trying to get the Cataclysm candy buckets that I could reach, which amounted to the ones at Mount Hyjal and in Twilight Highlands. (Can't get to Deepholm or Vash'jir unless you're over 80, dag nag it.)

Erogami is a stone's throw from getting "the Hallowed", but as the event ends Monday it's doubtful that I'll get there. I'm not sure what level you have to be to get into the dungeon containing the Headless Horseman, and you need to kill him to get the achievement. *sigh*

* * *

It's a nice day today, and I kind-of feel like I might have some energy; I thought I might drag the Fiero out of the garage and see if I can do anything about the brakes.

As of right now I have all of the components required to make a fog cooler, so I thought I might try doing that, too. I don't know how the chicken wire I bought will do for that, but it's chicken wire and it should work, so F it.

Maybe dig through the garage a bit and see if I can't find the lumber I need to fix my bed and make that wood rack I was thinking about the other day.

...none of which is going to happen before I eat breakfast. I got up around 7 and had a bagel, but that's not enough food for me to do manual labor. Maybe I'll have a snack now, get a couple McRib around 11-ish, and then set out to accomplish things.

And maybe I'll just sit here and turn into a damp dishrag. *sigh*

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