atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#303: Okay, UPS, so where is it?

Right now it's 7:38 PM, and my computer has been "out for delivery" since 7:16 AM.

I'm not sure how late the UPS trucks deliver stuff. Theoretically they should deliver until they're done, but God alone knows WTF they actually do.

I got home around 7 AM today, and I left for about forty minutes to take Mom to the skating rink. It is not unusual for us to get UPS deliveries after 7 PM; but I'm not sure at what point I'll be able to say "Okay, it's not happening today, is it?"

Even if they did come during that narrow 2/3 hour window when no one was home, I can't see them leaving the thing on my porch without getting a signature. It's $670 worth of merchandise, for crying out loud. Anyway I thought they left a little sticky note to tell you they tried to deliver something.

Assuming all that is true, then they haven't even tried to deliver it yet...

Yeah, I'm obsessed. I want my new toy!

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