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#3028: Ah, Sunday.

Last night the batch torrent of SofTenni 1-6 finished downloading. It's encoded in Hi10p...and I looked at two episodes and both of them played without flaw.

So: whatever the problem is, it's related to file size and not the codec itself. It still sucks ass that it doesn't work, but at least it doesn't keep me from watching any anime encoded in Hi10p. Just movie-length anime encoded that way.

...still don't understand why the Patlabor movies stopped working, but meh.

Incidentally, that scene in ep 3 of SofTenni? This one:

It wasn't cut because it was "too erotic"; it was cut because it featured a freakin' tusnami. It hit the torrents in late April, only about a month after the big Kanto earthquake and the resulting tsunami.

Oh well.

* * *

"20 of the funniest screencaps" and I'm going to save you the effort of clicking on that link by posting the one that made me laugh out loud so hard it scared the cat:

* * *

Does it really take an Arduino to make a flame-throwing jack-o'-lantern? Somehow I doubt it.

* * *

Overweening regulators. This one discovered, to her ire, that she didn't have a legal leg to stand on. Pity her would-be victims didn't figure this out until after they'd wasted all that food.

* * *

Also, it's a way for lonely men to get female attention. Having your wife clean your ears for you is one of the common images of married bliss, but since the marriage rate in Japan is on the skids a lot of men can no longer experience this kind of thing without paying for it.

* * *

Earliest snow since the Civil War in some areas and did I hear that western Massachusetts got two feet of snow from this storm? It was the first thing I heard from the alarm radio this morning so I was still partly asleep, but that's what it sounded like.

Remember, kids: an unusually hot summer is proof of anthropogenic global warming, but an unusually cold winter is just weather!

* * *

My BakaBT share ratio is--for the first time--green, and I've got a little smiley face next to it on my summary page. Whee! Thanks, 21st century, for letting me build a torrent box for $136!

* * *

Last night I was up later than I have been for the past week. I was up past 11 because I decided, all of a sudden, to get onto Amaleni and get her "the Hallowed". I had about half of the achievements for it (dated Oct 2009) so I didn't think it would take long; and it didn't. The hard part was getting the one where you chuck jack-o'-lanterns at other characters. I had the devil's own time finding a goblin to throw one at. Finally, in the middle of a battleground, with about 7 Horde players pounding on me, I got one! I yelled "THAT WAS ALL I CARED ABOUT" as I died. Whee!

...but I had to do 3 or 4 battlegrounds to get there. Oh well.

So now I have two characters which have "the Hallowed" and if I could just find a way to get Erogami into the "Headless Horseman" dungeon it would be three. Argh etc.

* * *

To my surprise, the ice I dumped from the fog cooler did not entirely melt away. Well, that's what happens when your nighttime temps are dropping into the low 30s. For tomorrow I'm going to need to go get a couple bags of ice, because I want to do something with the thing even if it's just being a nimrod inside the house.

* * *

So next week the sun will be rising before 6:15 AM and setting after 4:45 PM; and by Dec 21 it'll be rising around 7-ish and setting around 4:30. Winter is on its way! A bit less than a month from now is Thanksgiving; and Christmas comes a month after that.

I guess I'll want to clean the living room up a bit. The junk that's piled in front of the fireplace has got to be neatened up so I can use the fireplace...if I have to.

I hope I don't have to, though.

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