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#3034: What a gorgeous day for shootin'!

So I went to a range way down south of Bunkers-ville, south of Beecher, southeast of Grant Park. Still in Illinois, but not by much, and down in Kankakee County if I'm not mistaken. I was taken there by my lawyer friend and a buddy of his, and we shot a whole bunch of .22 LR bullets at various cellulose targets.

I did not shoot badly, considering it was my first time shooting a revolver. (A Hi-Point .22 revolver.) And I am considerably lower in stress than I was before I went, though the "stress tank" was lower than it has been for a while just because Sailor V came by last night and we watched a bunch of horror anime.

Sunny, mid-60s, a bit of breeze--man.

...I could have ridden the motorcycle today if I hadn't been doing this, but oh well. It's supposed to be about the same tomorrow, so hopefully I can get it out and take a nice ride. Each time I take it out now it's with the mindset of "This'll probably be the last time before winter sets in," so I try to enjoy it as much as possible. But I don't get to go shooting very often--particularly since I lost my FOID card after the big fiasco in May--so it took precedence over riding the motorcycle.

* * *

This is absolutely unconscionable. A woman in her 20s having to go back into the hospital because of peritonitis, caused by a burst appendix. She had been in the ER for hours when the appendix burst; she was waiting for her turn in a CAT scanner apparently to "verify" that she had appendicitis.

Now, when I had appendicitis, they did three tests to diagnose it: a CBC (a complete blood count), a Chem-7 (a check of my electrolyte balance) and an ultrasound of the affected area. I walked into the hospital at about noonish; I gave blood and got the ultrasound and was diagnosed by one PM. On the table at three.

There is simply no excuse for someone presenting with obvious nonruptured appendicitis to end up like this in the United States.

The woman had been in the ER for six hours after presenting with appendicitis.

If I were involved with this, I would be speaking to a lawyer now and preparing a huge f-ing malpractice suit against the ER doctors and the hospital, because there is no excuse for this whatsoever.

* * *

Like a stopped calendar, a Marxist can be right every 11 years. See, this puts into words exactly my issue with the Occupati; it's a case of reading something and realizing that what you were thinking before in an inchoate fashion has now been crystallized by what you just read.
...[T]his isn't about the downtrodden, or the true underclass at all. It's about people who thought that a college degree in nonsense was a guaranteed ticket to the upper class (or just below it -- the upper middle class, "merely" $200,000 per year in salary but a great job with plenty of nonpecuniary benefits to make up for that paltry salary), and now find out, no, not so much.
That's why so much of the OWS stuff revolves around student loans; that's why so many of the self-identified "99%" point at their educational debt as one of their primary woes.

"I went to school and didn't end up living well!" Going to college is not a guarantee of success; it's merely an indicator for it.

When I was still under 30, I will admit that I felt the same way as these people do: "I got the degree, now I'm guaranteed to be successful!" Well, it ain't so, as I have repeatedly discovered to my chagrin. My successes prior to 1996 were due entirely to the Dot Com Bubble: people needed computers and they needed people who understood them regardless of warts or certifications. I could fix computers better than just about anyone around me--there were a few exceptions--and no one cared that I was self-taught or only able to work part time, because I was good and there were so few others who were that good.

But after I got out of that mode, I discovered that even turning in good work isn't always enough to ensure you remain employed. My time as a hardware tech at Rockwell-Collins--I was on contract there for a year, and there was one guy at the place who closed more tickets than I did...yet when it came time to select a new full-timer from the ranks of contract employees I was passed over; and when the number of contractors was pared back I was passed over again, for a guy who only worked critical cases and sat around the rest of the time surfing the Internet. I did more work; he worked only on critical cases like hard drive failures. His metrics were somehow better.

No, I don't understand it. What I do understand is that the guy who made those decisions was fired not long after my contract ended because he was taking machines from the donation pile to give to his church. It's stealing for Jesus!

So I really don't have any sympathy for the Occupati, not when most of them are whining that they actually have to work for a living. Welcome to the real world, buttplug.

* * *

The stock markets around the world are tanking because Greece might not accept the deal that their self-styled betters in Brussels have brokered.

Also because a major financial firm run by a "Goldmanite" turned out to be doing bad things and has gone bust.

Around all of Vox Day's snark, of course #3 is the reason Goldman-Sachs can turn in such good numbers year after year.

* * *

My pastor's sermon on this past Sunday also included these passages from Revelations.

* * *

So now it's 5:30. I have about an hour and fifteen minutes to get cleaned up and fed and my Bible study stuff read before class begins. I guess I'd better check on the status of my laundry and get my other chores attended to.

Speaking of laundry--every time I do a load of laundry now, and put in that tablespoon of home-made detergent, I get a kick out of it. There's this little (much as I dislike this word) frisson of "sticking it to the Man".

* * *

Dinner last night was Hamburger Helper. I didn't want to go out for anything, not when I had to answer the door, and there really wasn't anything else I wanted. It was easy and cheap, so I went with it.

Because I had to go answer the door, though, when the stuff got to the "boil" phase it was almost boiling over when I was able to get back to the stove.

That is the thickest HH I ever made.

...I guess I just don't get it hot enough the way I normally do it, which is to turn the heat down as soon as the sauce begins to boil. Maybe letting it get to a full rolling boil is the right way to do it.

Anyway, I've got to go eat some leftovers now.

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