atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3036: My God, I just pulled a CAT out of my keyboard

Or at least enough hair to make one.

...chatting with Og, I started fiddling with a dental pick and ran it between the keys. I hooked an incredible wad of cruft; and so I ran it down the next row and got even more, so much that I couldn't just pull it out between the keys without having to worry about popping the caps off. I had to worry it out.

So I worked on the next row, and the next one; and--satisfied that I'd gotten the bulk of it--put the keyboard up on edge and ran the thing down the rows again.

Out came another huge wad of cruft. Shit!

Considering how much guck I just pulled out of it, I'm thinking that I am not merely imagining that the keyboard works better now. In fact, I'm thinking that I'll unplug it and disassemble it and really clean it.

I used to use a Microsoft Natural keyboard; I'd gotten used to them when I was a tech writer and it was hard to adjust to flat ones again. Unfortunately that one died the death of Pepsi and I never did get around to de-Pepsifying it. It's only been five years; WTF? But since I'd re-adjusted to flat keyboards I didn't bother, and after I got Cephiro in March of 2007 the MS Natural keyboard wouldn't work, anyway. Cephiro is very picky about keyboards which is why I had to use the keyboard that came with it in the first place; when I tried using the IBM 1390 keyboard it wouldn't even boot. So I am now completely used to Cephiro's factory keyboard and don't want to switch.

(I just removed 5.5 years worth of keyboard cruft from this one. Of course it's going to work better.)

But the MS Natural keyboard got inundated once before; all I had to do was disassemble it, wash all the parts with soap and water, and then let it dry; upon reassembly the thing worked like new. And doing all that is a lot easier than getting used to a new keyboard, IMHO.

* * *

I saw, over on BakaBT, a batch torrent for R-15 which was one of the series I wanted to grab, so I set El-Hazard to the task to DLing it. I started it an hour ago, and it's already finished.

To be fair, it's a bit more than 3.5 GB in size, but still, that's damn fast. It finshed in 45 minutes, for crying out loud!

My share ratio had been approaching 0.60, but now it's been whacked back a bit. I'm still green and get a smiley face, though, so it's all good.

* * *

I had originally planned to watch anime this evening, but now it looks as if that's not going to happen. It's already past 11 and I'm fading out.

After my last post, instead of getting up and going out and riding my motorcycle, I went to bed, and I slept until after 4. Then I went out for a ride.

I rode south on State Line road. I didn't see the church I was looking for; but I did ride all the way down to the Kankakee river. The bridge across the river there has been condemned, so you can no longer use it. I probably could have walked across it, but chose not to.

All told, it was about a fifty mile ride--25 out, 25 back--and when I got home then I gutted it up and went to do the grocery shopping. I bought $20 worth of meat--chicken and ground beef, destined for the freezer downstairs--and otherwise limited myself to necessities.

I was going to make ravioli, but after finishing with my shopping I said, "F it, I'm having McRibs."

Now it's bedtime, and not a moment too soon.

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