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#3039: I have stuff to do

Yet here I am. *sigh*

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Vox Day has a good one. Short form: guy is a full-time teacher. Guy is frustrated by the "system", so he quits the job and goes back to college. He earns a master's degree, then returns to the school system he taught in...and complains that he now makes half as much money as he did before he quit.

His master's degree is in puppetry.

Now, there isn't much I can say about this, simply because my brain refuses to deal with such


* * *

Dead Man Dance has a post about the record global warming we experienced in 2011.

Apparently 2010 was a record-breaking year for human carbon emissions. So, naturally, 2011 was the hottest year on record, because after all--eh?

Oh, wait:

* * *

I'm curious: how many executive orders did the George W. Bush administration issue? I'm curious because the Barack Hussein Obama administration just released it's 98th and it's got something to do with a "shortage" of prescription drugs.

So here's how government works:

1) Make it harder to produce a product.

2) Prosecute companies which either raise prices or cease manufacturing that product.

...Obama's 98th extrusion is step 2 in that process.

* * *

Nancy Pelosi is anti-business and anti-democracy. Well? She thinks Boeing should be forced to shut down that North Carolina plant solely because it's non-union, even though the workers at that plant made the decision to de-unionize.

So as you can see, Pelosi thinks that the business of business is to provide union jobs, and if a business doesn't do that, it has no right to exist.

* * *

Europe is still boned. Look: there is going to be a big fiscal problem in Europe; even if they somehow manage to pull Greece's chestnuts out of the fire, there's still Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain to worry about. Italy looks like it's going to be next, as their bonds are trading at a premium right now that's only exceeded by Greece's.
We're in the same box here in the US, but for the time being the cross-border flows looking for "Safety" are keeping the bond market here pinned on the floor. Don't look at Italy's bond issues though - their yield is spiking as everyone and their brother realizes that they're next -- right behind Greece.

I suspect that what will happen with Greece over the weekend is that they'll blow whoever they need to in order to unfreeze the next IMF/Troika tranche -- and they will lie to do so.

It would not shock me at all to see that "deal" emerge over the weekend as the alternative is a crash in the market Monday and everyone knows it. But that does not mean that anything is fixed; to the contrary, it means the speculation will simply move over, as everyone also knows at this point that the next target cannot be bailed out or held up -- and it's coming.

We have no recognition of truth -- not here, not there. Truth is quite simple, but it's politically easier to lie. The truth is that government at its core is always a redistribution system.

That is, government takes in money from one person who produces a thing and gives it to someone else who didn't produce that thing. That's all government ever does.
(Emphasis removed.)

So the market will climb again on Monday as Wall Street says, "Hey, Greece is fixed! Open the champagne!" But that will be short-lived as people come to realize that it is still not fixed. Whatever guess I make about the time frame is likely to be wrong, but I'm no longer favoring one that's measured in weeks. It'll be days, I'm pretty sure, before the entire thing craters again.

The Dow-Jones average over the past couple of weeks has looked like a noisy square wave because of all the Greece-centric floundering. When it looks like it's fixed, the market goes high; when it becomes obvious that it's not, it goes low. And the levels have been pretty consistent, too. But once it becomes obvious that Greece is not the only problem to be addressed--and that all the attempts to address Greece have consumed Europe's ability to deal with problems of this magnitude--the thing's going to fall so far they're going to have to dig a hole in the floor of the exchange to see it.

That probably (only "probably") won't be next week. If I had to pull a time frame directly out of my ass I'd say "mid-December", but I'm probably wrong about that, too. If we're very lucky it might happen as late as March of next year.

I'm not even remotely an expert, but that's how it looks from here.

* * *

Wait, wait, wait! I forgot!! UNEMPLOYMENT IS OVER, BABY!!!

The official measure of unemployment dropped to 9%!

No word on what U6 is right now. Remember, when Bush was in the White House and U3 was around 5%, U6 was the real measure of unemployment because while there were plenty of jobs, U6 proved that they were all unskilled jobs that didn't pay a "living wage".

But now that Obama is in charge, why, U3 is the most important one, because after all some of the U6 people have jobs, right? It doesn't matter if they all have unskilled jobs that don't pay a "living wage"; they're employed. Shut up.

* * *

The relationship between financiers and their regulators is far, far too incestuous. If you can leave your job at an investment firm to take a job with the federal government as a regulator--and then go back a few years later--it does not exactly compel you to be too harsh with your prospective future employers, does it?

Now, in any other field, this would be called "a conflict of interest". In the financial industry, it's "career-building".

It's like an automotive engineer working for Ford for ten years as a safety expert, who then takes a job for the NTSB, watching over Ford's adherence to safety standards, for five years or so...and then being hired back by Ford to continue to design safety systems. Do you think the resulting car is going to be:

a) more safe
b) less safe
c) about the same
d) shut up! It's fine, and you don't know anything anyway because you're a stupid hick from flyover country who ought to know his place! Why, you didn't go to Harvard or Yale or anything! This is big complicated business stuff that's far beyond your puny intellect--oh, sorry, "intellect" means "smarts"--so why don't you go back to your country music and reality TV and leave these matters for your betters to worry about? it would be if the process were more adversarial?

* * *

How long has El-Hazard been in operation, now? I've lost track. It was October 14th that I finally got it up and running.

I haven't even looked at the box itself since I wired it into the network and put it in its home. I pointed it out to Sailor V when he was here on Monday but otherwise I usually just do not see the actual box. The keyboard and mouse sit on the desk in front of the DVD recorder, and I use the blab slab as its monitor; but I don't see the CPU itself unless I go looking for it. That kind of feels wrong.

(...looks like early on Oct 18 was when I wired it in.)

I guess I'll have to activate Vista pretty soon. "Ultimate" is neat but not worth the money, and having only "basic" has never really been a problem for me on Cephiro.

But with the thing fully armed and operational for the last three weeks, now it feels like I want to do something else with it--more tinkering--and I don't have the money for that. *sigh* If the case were just half an inch shorter than it is, it would fit next to the DVD recorder on the desk, under the shelf; but even without the rubber feet attached it's too tall.

Well, I have a ton of stuff to do today, so I suppose it would be better if I actually tried to accomplish it.

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