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#3047: 11/11/11

Another palindrome with rotational symmetry! Whee!

...and the last time I'll be able to do that for a long time. :(

* * *

This is why it's "Arse Technica: The Global Warming Resource" in my bookmarks file.
How high are we willing to let the temperature of the planet get? Many governments have signed on to international agreements that would limit greenhouse gas emissions to targets that will keep the Earth from exceeding a 2°C increase over preindustrial levels. However, two studies that came out in recent weeks suggest we're rapidly running out of time to do so. Both suggest we could be locked in to changes above 2°C before the decade is out, and perhaps in as little as five years.

Estimates of future warming are based on a term called the climate sensitivity, which is usually expressed in terms of the expected temperature rise caused by a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. (The impact of each incremental increase goes down as the concentration rises, since there's a greater chance that some other CO2 molecule will have already absorbed a given infrared photon.) The IPCC's best estimate is that the climate sensitivity is about 3°C per doubling, with uncertainties of about a degree in either direction.

How do we get locked in to future warming? On the simplest level, the impact of added greenhouse gasses is not immediate; emissions take time to equilibrate globally, CO2 levels show seasonal variations, the oceans act as an enormous heat sink, etc. So there is a substantial delay between emissions and the actual temperature impact.
Two things.

#1: I invite you again to peruse this graph which compares actual observed data to the IPCC's WAG:

The black wavy line is CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. The green and blue dashed lines are the actual observed temperature of the Earth. Notice how these lines do not conform to the IPCC's bullshit numbers?

Arse Technica and the rest of the warmistas insist that human carbon emissions are warming the planet, and tell us "the science is settles!" in spite of evidence to the contrary.

#2: "How high are we willing to let the temperature of the planet get?" That's awfully damned arrogant. It's not up to us.

This article, and the nonsense that spawned it, is just more of the warmista movement attempting to grasp at straws as their computer-enhanced climate fantasies are drowned in a sea of real data.

* * *

So let's have our Occupati roundup for the day!

Lice! Venerial disease! And...tuberculosis! All the classic diseases that occur when humans live in unsanitary conditions! All we need now is typhoid and cholera and we'll have a winner!

...when you discover that you've got bugs living on your body, that's when it's time to GTFO. Tuberculosis is nothing to fool around with and now these people are at serious risk of contracting it.

Do you know how to stop the spread of tuberculosis? Yeah: quarantine and medicate and wash with lots of soap and water after contact with infected people.

Think it's politically possible to quarantine the infected Occupati? Ha!

Watch as a whole slew of 20-somethings come down with a terminal disease that can only be cured by taking antibiotics for a long time, who refuse to be quarantined (and will sue to prevent it). This is gonna be awesome. And not the good way.

Meanwhile the Occupati are causing trouble for "the 99%" they claim to represent. Of course. Because it's not actually about "the 99%" but about student loan debt and socialism.

* * *

Can we just put to rest the entire notion that islam does not prohibit homosexuality? Islam is an incredibly intolerant regime and will not allow any devation from its proscribed norm whatsoever. To do so is to risk being murdered for "apostasy".

The people on the left who support islam don't seem to understand that islam stands against everything they stand for, except for one thing: control of the many by the selected few. Oh, and the elimination of Judaism.

* * *

And that seques nicely into this piece by Vox Day called "Hiding the Depravity".
...[H]omosexual men are disproportionately likely to molest children. Although they make up around 1.5% of the male population, they are responsible for approximately one-third of all child molestations. This is why homosexuals try very hard to falsely impute a nonexistent aspect of age to both "homosexuality" and "heterosexuality"; they are seeking to conceal the fact that a statistically significant percentage of them are inclined to prey upon children.
Oh, wait...pointing out inconvenient facts about a major liberal constituency is proof of bigotry. I forgot; sorry.

* * *

The Dow is back to its "noisy square wave" paradigm. No, I don't know why it jumped 250 points today, but it's there, most of the jump happening at open.

Oh, wait, this Market Ticker has it:
Italy’s Senate approved debt- reduction measures in an attempt to shore up investor confidence and pave the way for a new government that may be led by former European Union Competition Commissioner Mario Monti.
So this is where I say, "Whee! Everything's fine! Italy is fixed!!"

Except, of course, that Italy is merely where Greece was about a year ago. Greece said, "Okay, we're going to roll up our sleeves and cut spending and fix this!" ...only it didn't happen, and it turned out that the Greek government was gaming the books, and a year on they are still not where they said they'd be eight months ago.

The market may be large in its perspicacity, but it has a short memory.

* * *

Anime! Here's the playlist:
Yuru Yuri
A Channel
Ano Hi Mata Hata WTF!!
Hanasaku Iroha
Fairy Tail
This is as of this afternoon. When I've got the energy for it I'll be starting with the first ep of Yuru Yuri, which replaces To Aru Majustu no Index II in the lineup.

...the ending of Index2--WTF. That's not an ending; it's a cliffhanger. This may mean there'll be more coming, which would be excellent, but damn.

Ano Hi WTF is interesting from one ep in. The title apparently translates to "We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day." All I know is, the damn title is almost as long as the series. At least the story is interesting.

Nichijou has gotten some genuine laughs out of me. A Channel seems entertaining from one ep in.

I've watched more anime in the past two weeks than in the preceding three months.

* * *

Having run out of enthusiasm for anything else, in WoW I dusted off Voyla (the goblin hunter) and have been adding levels to her. She hit 15th last night.

* * *

Last night, after the anime was done, I made apple crisp again. I did five things different from last time.

I used a different variety of apple. I cut the apples into smaller slices. I made a double batch of the topping. I cooked it at 360° instead of 350°. I cooked it for 35 minutes. came out perfect. The apples may be a tad overdone, but it's so damn tasty no one would care.

Also, this time, after it had cooled, I put aluminum foil over it and stuck it in the fridge.

The double-batch of topping was enough to completely cover the apples. I thought I'd have some left over, but I didn't; and that's fine, because the topping is what makes it apple crisp and not just "pan of baked apple slices". Yeah.

Three pounds of apples and that double-batch of topping completely fill my new 13x9 baking pan (bought with coupons accumulated from shopping at that store). When I had the first bite of it last night, still warm from the oven and topped with vanilla ice cream, I was pretty sure my mouth was going to love me for the rest of my life.

* * *

All of this reminds me that I ought to order a couple of pies from Baker's Square and plan to pick them up on the 23rd. Probably I'll just grab a couple Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme pies--one to take to my brother's house and one for me! Yahoo!

...maybe just the one, after all.

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