atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3049: I'm saying this now: I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY

Alan Caruba asks, "If Not Romney, Who?"

...if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee for President I WILL NOT CAST A VOTE IN THAT ELECTION. Regardless of anything, I will not vote for that man. Period.

I am sick and tired of the GOP nominating liberals for the executive office. Mitt Romney is just Barack Hussein Obama without the tan; at least BHO is honest about wanting to tax and spend and spend and spend.

I'm not going to vote libertarian and I for damn sure ain't gonna vote Democrat, but if Romney is the choice for GOP? No vote. Fuck that shit. I'll leave that box blank.

"You'll just be helping Obama get elected!" WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

* * *

The European Financial Stability Facility is a fraud. They claimed to sell three billion euros' worth of bonds to support Ireland, only they couldn't find more than 2.7 billion worth of buyers for it, so the EFSF bought the rest of them.


As Karl Denninger points out, that's like taking $20 from one pocket and putting it into another. You don't have more money when you do that; you've just moved your existing money around. The EFSF has moved 300 million euros out of one account and into another, but it hasn't actually sold those bonds any more than you've sold something by moving your wallet to another pocket.

If that made you richer, there'd be a bunch of people who did nothing but professionaly move money from pocket to pocket all day long. The problem is, if you're just moving that money between your own pockets, any "profit" is the result of accounting tricks and doesn't actually exist. Same as that 300 million euros the EFSF said it sold, which it really sold to itself.

Hence it means that there is an economic disaster brewing in Europe. But we knew that.

* * *

The Windows Vista activation process is f-ing stupid.

As you may recall I installed Vista Ultimate on El-Hazard as a lark, just to see what it was like. It installed just fine and didn't even wipe my hard drive, as I'd expected it to; and I knew I had a month to activate it.

Well, the month is up, and the machine won't let me activate the damn OS.

Knowing it would just want the DVD anyway, I shut down the machine and booted to the Vista DVD, thinking that I'd run upgrade that way. Oh, no! It doesn't work like that. You have to run the upgrade from within Windows. It gives me the option to wipe out the hard drive entirely, but it won't let me upgrade. It let me run upgrade when there was no OS on the hard drive at all, when I first got the thing going, but now it won't. WTF.

So, fine, I booted from the hard drive...and got the message that my 30-day trial had expired. It gives the option of running the OS with "limited availability", though. Okay, that'll do! And that's all I really expected, so--

...see, I thought that "limited availability" meant most programs and things would be disabled but the desktop would still work, letting me get at the DVD drive and running "upgrade" from there. Oh, no! This is Microsoft. All it does is run a Web browser. There's no start menu, no way to run anything; you either buy a new licence key from Microsoft or you format your hard drive.

This is all my fault. If I had just remembered that Microsoft never lets you do anything the easy way I would have done this last week and gotten it over with.

So now what I get to do is to pull the drive, plug it into Cephiro, and dump all the anime to Cephiro's D drive; run the install program on El-Hazard, and then copy everything back.


The only remaining possibility--and it's a slim one--is if I can still connect to the shared directory.

Oh look! It's letting me do that!

Okay, then I don't have to take El-Hazard apart and do a bunch of other bullshit; I just have to wait for 70 GB to filter through the 100 Mb/s data pipe. *sigh* That's not too bad, I guess.

It's still kind of irritating, though.

* * *

Last night Voyla hit 20th level, and got her "goblin trike", so now she's got a faster way of getting around than shank's ponies.

I didn't sleep well last night, either. I went to bed about midnight and simply could not sleep until I took a Xanax. I wasn't having a panic attack; I just couldn't sleep, is all. That's an improvement over having a panic attack but it still sucks.

But I went to church this morning and gave my little testimonial. There were four other people who the pastor had asked to do the same thing, so I wasn't the only one, and the entire service was in the context of "giving thanks for all that God has done for us" so it wasn't like it was a crass appeal for money, either.

And when I think about it, the church has helped me enormously in the past six months. Because of the various activities that I've taken part in, I feel a lot more connected than I have in years.

...Thursday on my way in there--for therapy and to pick up the questionnaire that I was to publicly answer the questions on--I thought, "If I spent much more time here, I'd ask for a set of keys to the place!"

* * *

And naturally, because it's gusty outside, OF COURSE the damn power is flickering right in the middle of my f-ing copying from El-Hazard! Somehow the machine itself hasn't crapped out but it was a near thing, and the TV was going on and off and the UPS was clicking and complaining.

* * *

But because of my lack of sleep, you know what I'm gonna do now.

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