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#3050: I'm saying this now part II: Probably not Newt, either.

I'd vote for Newt Gingrich before I'd even think about voting for Romney, but there are a lot of problems with Gingrich.

The problem I have with Newt is that in 1996, after winning re-election, he had to resign both as Speaker and as a Representative because of multiple infidelities and divorces. It led to a brief game of musical chairs as another Republican was promoted as being ideal for the vacated post, only to have it come to light that he, too, had a problem with infidelity and divorce.

This mattered for two reasons: 1) they're Republicans; 2) the Clinton impeachment.

...but it weakened the effort to remove Clinton, and it gave the Democrats a perfect tool for chipping away at the Republican majority which had done so much good for the economy and the actual real reduction in the scope of government. (Not in the rate of spending, of course.)

Maybe it's because I don't have pretty young things throwing themselves at me, so I don't really understand the temptation, but what the hell is it about these men that leads them not to have any frickin' self-control?

But that's the problem: Newt has already demonstrated that he's too easily swayed by a nice rack and a tight ass. You know, for the hoi polloi, evidence of an extra-marital affair is a DNQ for a high-level security clearance; if you cheat on your spouse, you're violating a solemn oath; what's to keep you from cheating on your government, too, if an oath won't bind you?

(Clinton didn't lose his clearance, even after it was proven that he'd not only cheated on his wife but committed perjury and even got disbarred...because he was the President.)

So what's to keep Newt from re-enacting Clinton's Oval Orifice debacle? It's been demonstrated that Newt doesn't have the willpower to keep his hands off the young cuties; and one Clinton as President was more than enough, thank you, to permanently soil the image of the office.

To say nothing of the other foolish choices the man has made since leaving office.

So...would I vote for Newt? I do not have any enthusiasm for the prospect. I will not vote for him in the primary--I still have no idea who I like for the primary, but it's not Newt and definitely not Romney--but I'm not sure about what conditions would have to prevail for me to vote for him in the general election.

* * *

"Meanwhile, at the Fed Lie Factory...".

Sing along, folks!


...your Thanksgiving dinner will cost 13% more this year than it did last year. "U.S. consumers are paying record prices, including hams, ground beef, bread, flour and cheese." Yeah!

But since the Fed doesn't include food and energy in its calculations of inflation, there isn't any!

Let me say it again: if inflation were calculated using the same formula they used in the 1970s, we'd be running somewhere around 12-15%.

So there's no inflation and GDP is growing, and unemployment recently dropped to 9%! There isn't a problem! The economy is fixed, baby!

* * *

Well, now it's dark outside, but the temp is still in the mid 60s. I think I'll take my motorcycle for a ride now.

...while Vista installs on El-Hazard again.

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