atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3053: I hate the entire financial industry right now

Some of it is misplaced self-loathing, but not all of it.

...hit my bank here in town to get it taken care of: move money from savings to checking and get copies of checks I wrote so I can get reimbursed for my sister's funeral expenses. No problem.

Except that--when I got home--there was a call on the answering machine about a monthly payment I'd been making, which bounced today because there wasn't enough money in my checking account...which was what I'd gone to the bank to rectify.


Called them and got that straightened out. $200 remaining to pay, I just told 'em to take it all and be done with this shit. I had thought--because there was no e-mail this morning and my balance had been unperturbed--that I was finished with the thing. Having learned different, however, I was less than happy. Especially because it was a threatening phone call from the legal arm of the collection agency: "you are in violation of federal law!" ...because a credit card payment didn't go through? Shit, just run it through again, for Christ's sake. Oh, no! We're going to sue you over this!


...but of course because I'd made every other payment on time without trouble they were willing to "overlook" it--WTF, who the hell do you think you're kidding? The legal costs of filing a suit alone would be more than the remaining balance; can't you guys stop trying to be scary and act semi-reasonable about it? Shit.

Anyway, it's dealt with, and I never have to send them another penny, so fuck it.

I rode the motorcycle to the bank, because it's a really nice day out; and when I was finished at the bank I thought I'd ride to "Bank #4" to see about Mom's estate, but I realized that it was past 3 PM, and I was pretty certain that the person I was going to see was not there in the late afternoons. I rode past the bank and went to the cemetery where Mom and Dad are buried.

It reminded me that we still haven't gotten a headstone for Mom's grave. [much swearing redacted] It's because every time any of us has caught a breather--even a little one--Yet Another Crisis has cropped up. I can't even be mad about it because my bullshit in May is one of the crises.

Whatever I thought I would get out of visiting my parents' graves, I failed to get. I left the cemetery feeling kind of depressed and took a different route home than I'd taken on the way up. There was less traffic but it took me out past 394 through Thornton and Lansing and Glenwood, and I finally looped back to route 1 and came home that way.

It was a very nice ride, at least. I didn't freeze my ass off.

* * *

I'm wondering what it's going to be like, next year, to ride the motorcycle when it's hot outside. Since I didn't get my license until it was nearly September I haven't had to ride in the hot at all; I had one warm evening where I rode the dirt bike on the road, and shortly thereafter I got the road bike and haven't ridden the dirt bike since.

And it's been below 70° every time I've ridden it. Every time.

Tell you what: it's going to feel strange to be zooming along at 45 miles an hour and not have my legs be cold....

* * *

So to get reimbursed for the funeral expenses I have to fax my receipts to the lawyer in Maine. And so I asked my sister-in-law: "I can't just e-mail them?"

WTF, is there some kind of reason it must be a fax? There's no difference between a scanned and emailed document and a faxed one, except maybe for resolution and color depth.

Bottom line is that I'll have to go somewhere and pay to fax this shit, and since it's long distance I'll be paying more. Add to that the cost of gasoline required for me to get to the place where I can send the fax. It would be an incremental cost for me to scan and e-mail, because I've got the equipment and Internet access already and it would only take time.


* * *

On top of all that I'm still feeling physically cruddy. I don't know what it is, exactly, unless it's the physical manifestation of the stress over my nephew's plight.

Whatever. I still have to go to K-mart and get cat litter. *sigh*

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