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#3064: That's the best way to put it I've seen yet.

Weerd quotes Tam and I quote 'em all:
Don M: "I will still 'vote for the syphilitic camel, over Obama'."

Tam: "Keep ordering syphilitic camel, and they’ll just stop putting anything else on the menu, as a quick look at the current GOP field will tellingly point out."
I cannot say it any better myself.

Romney := "syphilitic camel" the same way McCain := "syphilitic camel". I will not vote for a syphilitic camel any longer. I've tried that the last three times I voted for President. Even Bush; in 2000 Bush := "camel that was exposed to syphilis but has not tested positive", and by 2004 it was pretty obvious that Bush := "syphilitic camel" but c'mon: Al Gore? John Kerry? Seriously?

Besides, Bush was doing a good job in the "war on terror" even though I did not, at the time in 2003, understand why we were going into Iraq. That turned out to be a good idea--it concentrated terrorist activity in Iraq and kept them from committing more atrocities here in the US--but the rest of the Bush Presidency apart from foreign policy was a clusterfuck. Bush never vetoed a single spending bill, ever, and presided over the single largest expansion of the federal department of education since Carter created the fuckin' thing.

And Bush was clearly superior to Gore and Kerry.

In the case of Mitt Romney, there is no such demarcation. WEERD gets it right:
If the GOP wants to serve me another Bob Dole, George Bush (take your pick of which), John McCain, GOP, I think maybe we need another four of Barry-O to think about things.

Sebastian seems to be beating a drum about the Supreme court but Richard beats me to my sentiment:
Do you have some sort of magic decoder ring that tells you that Romney will nominate 2nd A friendly judges. Certainly his history doesn’t indicate this. And some of the worst judges on 2A issues have been nominated by Republican presidents. Warren, Burger, Stevens, Souter. Obama is a problem but the problem is the lack of a real conservative party. Romney’s nomination will just lock this problem into stone.
"Maybe a Conservative Justice" doesn’t seem like a just reward for electing the monster that is Romney, nor the Old Guard Authoritarian Gingrich.

Also even if Sebastian is right do we mean "Conservative" as in "Originalist" or do we mean "Daddy State"?

Yeah, thanks, but no-thanks.

I simply do not see the difference between Romney and Obama, except for the fact that the reflectivity of Obama's skin is a bit lower. They're both political opportunists, they've both displayed a distressing flexibility of conviction, and they're both perfectly willing to use government to fix every last single problem that presents itself. Neither will think, "Is there a way to solve this without massive government intervention?" Neither is going to pause and consider, "Does this enhance freedom, or does it circumvent it?" Neither has shown any evidence of musing, "How will the taxpayer afford the additional taxation required to support my idea?"

Romney isn't superior to Obama; he is Obama with a slightly different skin tone and a different party affiliation. I will not vote for that.

GOP, you want my vote? Nominate someone worth voting for.

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