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#3066: 60 bottles of pop in the house

No, it's not the middle of an extremely repetitious song. I went to the store for ham, cheese, cat food, and some other things, and ended up coming home with another five 6-packs. $2.40 per pack is too damn good a price, and to get it you had to buy four and use a coupon to get the fifth free. I've got a 3-week supply of sody in the house. It doesn't go bad and it will be consumed, so WTF.

After going to the store, I hit McDonald's for a bacon mofo; and on my way home I saw, in a farm field, a deer having a last bit of food before dusk.

I thought, "In a just world, I could pull over, grab my rifle, and shoot that bitch. Lay it on the hood and strap it down, and dress it once I got home." It's deer season right now, for crying out loud, and if I had not lost my FOID card I'd probably have a deer license. Shit.

But of course I live in the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan. Can't have a rifle in your vehicle where you can grab it, oh no! After all, only criminals need guns!

*sigh* I got home and unloaded the truck and had my food while reading the lesson for tonight's Bible study. On Sunday, when I went to church, the church secretary pulled me aside as I was going into the sanctuary and gave me the book for this first session, which she was doing for all of us.

I'd intended to make apple crisp and take it with me to Bible study. But: at choir practice last week it was decided that we'd have practice on Tuesday of this week, since Thursday is Thanksgiving. By the time I was finished eating and reading, it was almost five; at best, I realized, I had exactly fifteen minutes to do all the prep work and get the stuff in the oven so it could cool to a transportable temperature by the time I had to leave for church. That's optimistic at best, considering I use a 3 lb bag of apples; even with a potato peeler there's no way I can work that fast.

I abandoned the idea of taking apple crisp to Bible study. Instead I will take it to my brother's on Thursday, which means I can bake it tomorrow night. Fine.

Got to church a bit early; and then we practiced singing songs for 1.25 hours and I got to Bible study about 15 minutes late. I didn't care and no one objected; and I had a wonderful time at choir practice.

My joy was doubled at Bible study; we had a really good session.

I spent three hours at church Tuesday night, and it was time well spent.

But by the time I got home, I was done. I fooled around on the computer, trying to decide what I wanted to do, but by 10 I realized all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't even want to eat anything.

Now I'm hungry and awake and I can't decide what I want to eat. *sigh*

* * *, I forgot I was working on this. It's only 2.5 hours since I wrote that last line; I went into WoW, queued for an instance, and ended up running several of them in a row with a really good group (including all of Mauraudon). Voyla added four levels.

* * *

A few people in my neighborhood already have their Christmas decorations up, and on at night; so I figure it's okay for me to listen to Christmas music.

Right now? Mannheim Steamroller's version of "Angels We Have Heard on High" is playing. And that is the theme for the sleigh race in Chicory.

One of the songs we're practicing in choir for the upcoming Advent season is "Ding Dong Merrily on High", and I wanted to hear the version I have. That led me to listen to others.

* * *

Somebody better warn the wizard that his character class is not well-suited for melee combat.

A bludgeoning weapon like brass knuckles are better on characters who have strength as a prime stat; but strength is usually the dump stat for wizards. He'd be better off with either a quarterstaff or a good dagger.

* * *

Yes, I do get the joke in the strip, and yes, I got a chuckle out of it. But one of the ways I amuse myself is to take a joke and answer it as if it were a serious statement.

* * *

My BakaBT ratio has exceeded unity! It's now 1.036!

A quick check of revealed that Yawara! ep 69 has been released, so El-Hazard is ganking it at 500kB/s. It'd be nice if it was now released at a steady pace rather than this "handful of eps every once in a long while" thing that's been happening. I'd like to see the whole series before I'm old enough to need a walker, thanks very much.

Incidentally, yesterday was the first day since Nov 3 that I didn't watch anime.

* * *

Today, Wednesday, I have two things to do: go pick up the pies I ordered, and go to a special communion service at church tonight.

But other than that, nothing, which is a pretty f-ing nice feeling to have, considering. Thursday I have to be ready to go before 10 AM, but at least I don't have to drive...and then once I'm home Thursday night I am planning on going nowhere for the rest of the weekend. I might ride the motorcycle on Friday if the near-60 temperatures actually materialize and it's not raining; but I promise nothing.

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