atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3067: It's White Wednesday again!

Already. Jeeze.

"WTF are you talking about you sexist racist bigoted homophobic Rethuglikkkan Christian nazi asshole?" Well, I'll tell you by pointing you at this previous Fungus bloviation, vintage 2007.

(BTW the people who might be inclined call me "sexist racist bigoted homophobic Rethuglikkkan nazi" think "Christian" is also an insult. They are--simply put--tragically, tragically wrong. Pray for them.)

* * *

The Origin of the Bat Cave! ...a comic book about subterranean erosion would be amazingly boring, so what they actually did was a time-travel story where Batman and Robin end up going back in time and beating the living hell out of indians.

* * *

Obama's pardon of the turkey is just about as totally free of grace and class as is his entire Presidency.

* * *

Gingrich has decided that illegal immigrants are okay with him! Yeah, the GOP can't call itself "the party of family" and advoacte separating ilegals and their children, so we'll let 'em all stay!


* * *


Karl Denninger says things are about done.

Vox Day says to invest in metals. Gold...or lead.

I wish Ms. Barnhardt had a way to link to individual posts. Or at least individual days' posts. She fisks a speech given by Terrence Duffy at a CME presser in 2010.

Will "Black Friday" be like "Black Tuesday"? (Will the markets even be open on Friday? I don't know how this shit works. Bankers like 4-day weekends, too, don't they?)

What I do know is that the Dow has lost nearly 840 points in a week. Jon Corzine lacked a license to deal in securities and has not been arrested or even charged for that crime, much less for stealing $1,200,000,000 of investors' money. Denninger reports that the Euro bond markets "blew out" but doesn't offer details, but a "blow out" is not usually a good thing in any event.

Corruption, greed, corruption, corruption, government complicity, theft, and corruption, with a side of crony capitalism and corruption.

How is your Thanksgiving eve?

* * *

So I got the pies and went to communion, and now I don't have to drive anywhere I don't want to for the rest of the week. Whee!

...on my way to Baker's Square in Lansing, I saw gas at a station for about $0.20 less per gallon than here in Crete, and the Jeep had dropped to the 1/4 mark, so I stopped and tanked up.

My reduced fuel economy might just be due to something other than the new TPS. (The one I installed last year.) I've been noticing of late--over the past several months--that my engine is making a noise that sound suspiciously like pinging. I thought it might be due to the lack of a fan shroud; I thought the fan might be brushing against the overflow hose for the radiator or something similar, but there isn't any evidence of that. And in the past few weeks I've started thinking, "I wonder if it's preignition? Might I need a new knock sensor?"

Advance Auto does not list a knock sensor for my truck, though, so I have no f-ing clue what to do about this.

The engine doesn't have a distributor; all it's got is a cam position sensor and a coil bar. Each cylinder has its own coil (or they're siamesed, one coil for a pair).

I haven't put 30,000 miles on the Jeep since I got it in August of 2007, and I replaced the spark plugs then; they couldn't be bad already...could they?

Maybe I ought to replace them on general principles. It couldn't hurt, and it's not like they cost a lot.

I wonder when Og's next going to have a "car repair party"?

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