atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3069: Two images and some other stuff

The first image:

I saw this while browsing the comics I usually read over on; and it reminded me of the bit I saw over at Ms. Barnhardt's site where she fisked that guy' speech from last year.

"Whatever the risk, we help the world advance beyond it." What a crock of shit.

* * *

The second image:

From today's Between Failures strip.

* * *

Not surprisingly, I was unbelievably tired when I got home. I am so glad my cousin drove; that was the first time I've gone to my brother's house since...uh...A DAMN LONG TIME that I didn't have to drive.

So I fed the cats, and got into comfortable clothes; I mulled turning on the computer and instead I just went face-down in bed for four hours.

So just now I was having a gander at BakaBT to see if anything interesting was up over there; lo and behold I see that someone in Japan made a Futari Ecchi live-action movie.

BakaBT rejected the torrent (not sure why exactly--I guess they don't use fansubs from that group?) and so I'm ganking a raw to see what they did with the story: does it follow the plot, or is it purely teh pron0s? Or both? Or neither?

* * *

The apple crisp was very well-received. I've got some left, which I'll try a little later.

At dessert time, my sister-in-law--when someone asked what it was--said, "It's [Mom's] low-fat apple crisp!"

I said, "Oh, no, it's not low-fat."

What a tragic waste of food that would be.

...and having just had some myself, I realize yet again that there is simply no substitute for Jonathan apples in that recipe.

* * *

Friday I have one main plan: stay the hell home and pity the poor dumb bastards who think you have to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.

...depending on weather I may or may not take the motorcycle out for a ride, though, but I won't be going near any freakin' malls or anything, so that's fine.

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