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#3070: Ah, my plan was successful.

I slept like a brick today. No one bothered me and I didn't go anywhere or do anything AND I FEEL GREAT! HA HA HA HA HA! It was too windy to ride the motorcycle, IMHO, so I don't even feel bad about that. No guilt, no angst, no nothin'. What a rarity that is, to sleep in and not get up thinking, "Oh, I should have done X and Y and Z today...."

* * *

Arse Technica makes the admission that perhaps carbon dioxide isn't the primary driver of climate. "A new study that uses a climate model to evaluate the peak of the last glacial period, however, suggests that the IPCC's figure might be a bit high, and that very high values are overwhelmingly unlikely."

You mean, like this?

Then DPUD breaks it down by pointing out that this means the doubling of CO2 after the Industrial Revolution won't cause as much warming as the warmistas would have us believe.

The biggest problem with the dire warnings of the AGW crowd comes from the fact that like many passive systems that incorporate feedback, there is a point of diminishing returns. Where there is X much CO2 in the atmosphere you have Y warming. Double it to 2X and you get 2Y; but after that when you get to 3X you'll only get 2.5Y warming, and by the time you get to 10X you're only getting 6Y warming, and after that the curve levels off such that at 20X you've still only gone up to about 6.5Y, and at 50X you're seeing perhaps 8Y warming.

PDOOMA, but it's an illustration of an asymptotic curve, which is the most likely curve for "diminishing returns". ...and even pre-industrial levels of CO2 were significantly higher than the "knee" of the asymptote.

The issue is that there is only a certain amount of infrared radiation for the atmosphere to absorb. The absorption spectrum for any compound is pretty specific (this is why we can have tools like gas chromatographs) and once you've absorbed all the radiation at those specific frequencies, you're done: adding more absorbers won't do anything.

Besides that, the absorber won't hang onto that energy ad infinitum. It re-emits it approximately at random, and pretty quickly, so you don't have an atmosphere full of "warm" CO2 molecules.

What CO2 does is to slow the rate of reradiation of infrared. It doesn't act as an insulator so much as a kind of brake; and it's really not all that effective, either. Water vapor is much more effective in that role than CO2 is. (Evidence: compare the temperature of a cloudy winter night to a cloudless one. Be sure to wear your mittens.)

* * *

Climategate e-mails demonstrate that the warmistas are not about actual science. But we knew that.

* * *

Abolish the EPA, or at least make its activities subject to the "takings" clause of the 4th Amendment.

* * *

Obama wants to make food companies put less salt in food. You know what? The thing about salt causing heart disease isn't even well-demonstrated.

* * *

This Anchoress post is all about hating Black Friday; and believe me, I share her disdain for it.

* * *

The only problem I have right now--the only one--is that I don't know what to have for dinner.

I didn't bring any leftovers home yesterday, on purpose. See, here's how it works when you're a holiday guest at my brother's house:

1) You decide it's time to leave and announce that you intend to go.

2) My sister-in-law insists on having this, that, and the other last-minute discussion about something that lasts at least 15 minutes.

3) My sister-in-law then notices that you're only taking home part of what you brought and insists that you simply must take some because "what am I going to do with all this food?"

4) Wait 15 more minutes while she gets out plastic bags and puts food in them and then corrals a kid to go get a plastic shopping bag from downstairs so you can carry the half-dozen bags of food.

5) Spend 10 minutes telling her you don't want cranberries because you won't eat them, and that yes only one spoonful of stuffing will be fine, and more gravy would be better, and-and-and--

6) Never mind, let me--oh no no no, you're a guest! I'll take care of it!

7) Go back and do #2 again because she's thought of something else she wants to talk about.

8) Finally leave about 45 minutes after you've said you've got to get going.

9) Get home and realize you have perhaps--at best--one serving of the food she packaged up for you. Usually less. And some of it is stuff you don't like and won't eat anyway.

I may sound annoyed about this, but actually I'm amused. Ever since I discovered the pattern I've tried to find dignified and polite ways of interrupting it, but so far my efforts have been--at best--unsuccessful.

...point is, it's not worth waiting for the leftovers, so I simply said, "No, I don't want any." Besides, she's got three growing boys in that house (with the addition of my sister's kid) and her daughter, and my brother can eat like me (though he tries not to) so believe me that food is not going to go to waste.

* * *

My brother's oldest boy is 16 and he's 6'3". Fortunately he likes basketball, so you never know--he might be able to get a sports scholarship someday.

* * *

So I'm leaning towards just making a ham and cheese omelette, because that would be tasty and filling and relatively easy. And then, another piece of caramel pecan silk supreme pie for dessert.

That pie is good. It had better be; it cost fucking $15. Shit.

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