atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3071: What shall I do today? NOTHIN'!!!

How is that different from other days? The lack of guilt over it.

Pleasantly warm outside for November--not quite sixty--and not too windy, but forecast says "100% chance of rain" and I don't feel like developing my "riding motorcycle in the rain" skills today.

The extremely strong desire to avoid all the stores this weekend keeps me from going to the auto parts store and getting Jeep maintenance supplies.

* * *

Kodomo no Jikan chapter #78 has been put up over at, and events in that chapter have led me to rename the main character. "Aoki-sensei" is now "AHO-sensei" because he's a motherfuckin' idiot.

(Aho being one of several words in Japanese meaning, approximately, dumb fuck.)

* * *

If I have the energy, later, I might go up into the attic and see about reconnecting the aerial to the elaborate network of 75 ohm coaxial cable that carries whatever signals it captures to the various receivers in the house. The blab slab is the only digital TV receiver in the house; I ought to rectify that at least for the TV in the family room but that can wait.

Then again, I've gone since June without watching any television at all; I've watched videos only. And feel no poorer for it.

But I've spent the past couple of days in a nice relaxed, restful state. The usual signals of discomfort from the gut have been muted, at most--and absent for hours at a time, which is seriously unusual. I've felt comfortable and settled.

It can't last, of course; it never does. But while it's here, I want to enjoy it, so I'm doing that to the exclusion of all else. The last thing I want is actually to do something that disturbs this pleasant and agreeable mode when I don't have to.

To that end, then, I'm going to go lay back down.

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