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#3072: Singing in front of people again

Today was my second time singing in choir, in church. I was a lot better with this song, having had 3 practices with it and the other bass was there, so I wasn't alone.

Nice service, too, and I had a wonderful, wonderful time.

* * *

BUT as usual I didn't sleep all that well last night. I got to bed after 1 AM, having been on WoW until after midnight and then having to 3S before bed, so I wouldn't have to get up before 7:30 AM.

...might as well have gone to bed right then, because after waking around 3:30 that was it; I was awake. *sigh* (Of course had I thought, "I won't get much sleep anyway" I would have been sawing logs until the alarm went off and still felt crummy...)

* * *

The folks across the street have put up Christmas decorations. That's nice to see.

The "small town Christmas festival" scene is coming up. Crete's Country Christmas starts Friday evening and runs through Sunday. Prepare for fun!

...hoping to have my nephew here as a way of helping him deal with all the BS he's had to put up with for the past few years. Get him out of the hectic high-energy stuff at my brother's house for a few days, you know.

* * *

Going through some of the older entries on my way to making some kind of point in a recent post, I came across a passage that made me laugh out loud.

from this old post, #727, "An airliner of SPAM!:
The aptly-named Causing an Erection advertises a drug for erectile dysfunction. I'm sure that Ms. Erection is just as hot as her internet bio suggests. Here I thought Dolly Parton's 44DD chest was something to hear about, but apparently Ms. Erection has a 44DDD chest and wears a bra made from reinforced concrete. (Here I thought "built like a brick s***house" was just an expression.) The seismic activity of those breasts alone is enough for Ms. Erection to live up to her name! I'm in awe!
"The seismic activity of those breasts alone"--I LOLed.

But it led me to dig deeper into the mists of time, and I was reminded of good old Vyag Rat!:
Hew Bowman--you know, there is a joke in there somewhere--tells me that I can "test the sweets of the life yourself with Viagr@"! Hot damn! Here I thought testing the sweets of the the life was beyond my reach--but if I just get me some Viagr@, I can do it myself!

As an aside, just how should I pronounce that? I'm leaning towards "vy-ag-rat", myself. That would be a good name for a cartoon character: "Hi, kids! It's me, VYAG RAT!."

Maybe not.

Click HereThis was unable to supply a subject for his e-mail. In all probability it's because he's stupid. Or perhaps he's too busy testing the sweets of the life himself with Vyag Rat and his band of merry hoodlums. Anything is possible on the internet!
And again I quite literally LOLed.

I imagine Vyag Rat to look something like a cross between Robin Hood and Rat Fink. And he talks with a Jersey accent.

Maybe one day soon I'll sit down and try coming up with a character design. Then the old Fungus will have its own cartoon mascot!

But since AT&T beefed up their spam filters, I don't get anything like the interesting spam that I used to get.

* * *

Dinner last night was Lucky 7 from the Chinese place; and I just finished it off. I had a second helping late last night but about half the container was left; and after taking what I wanted I realized that the amount left wasn't even close to a full I took it all and ate it all.

"There's always room for dessert!" Not this time, pal.

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