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#3073: Ed doesn't get the girl again.

Stupid subconscious.

I had this dream about something-or-other; and in the dream was a rather nice woman with red hair and a decent figure. I was printing something using her Mac, only I'd left the sound settings on so the printed version was "text-to-speech" and it was reading the story aloud. Even if I'd reprinted the thing with the sound off--which I didn't want to do because it was a waste of paper--the old version would keep on reading itself aloud. (This is the kind of thing I hate about Macs.)

The story was t3h Pr0nn0s, and I'd used her as the model for the female lead. But, I explained to her, I made her French instead of American and had changed some other things. She wasn't happy about it, but she--nude--slipped into the futon with me and pulled up the covers. I had rolled over and laid a hand on a breast; though she was still unhappy with me, she was warming up and things were clearly going to get good...when reality intruded.


Two things:

1) I observe that she was not the prettiest woman on the planet. For a dream girl, this is usually unforgivable, but I can let it slide in this case because

2) Nice rack. Despite her slender frame she had awesome knockers.

I almost invariably experience some depression after a dream like that, because once I'm back in the real world I realize that ain't nothin' like that happening here and it emphasizes the lonliness.

Come to think of it:

3) Actual redhead, like "ginger" type, and not dyed. Uh, "the carpet matches the drapes".

...she was, in the dream, my girlfriend, and had been for some months, so it wasn't like I met this random chick and hopped in the sack with her. If that had been the case the dream, ironically, probably would have been less depressing once I was no longer in it.

This kind of thing makes me want to haul out my subconscious and hit it with a stick until it learns to behave.

* * *

hit it with a STICK
pound it with a BRICK
kick it in the DICK
'cause it MAKES ME SICK's another verse for death metal! I'm a rocker!

* * *

So Thanksgiving weekend is effectively over, and November is drawing to a close. It's gotten cold out; it's to be in the low forties this week and when they predict precipitation they say "rain or snow" now instead of "rain".

Fair weather is predicted for Friday, though, which is fine with me. I'm figuring on attending the parade on Saturday, whether I've got my nephew with me or not, and I'm going to wear the parka when I do.

I got compliments on my $25 barn coat this morning, though. ($25 because I bought it when I worked at Target and it was on clearance. That was like 2007 or 2008 IIRC.) I didn't make the comment I'd always intended to make should anyone ever say anything about it.

See, it's seude and has that foofy wool collar and looks exactly like the kind of coat you should wear when you go out in your Jeep. So I figured I've got the Jeep, I ought to have the coat, right?, it's not very funny. I'm sorry. That's why I didn't bother.

But I'm looking forward to next weekend, and it ought to be fun regardless of how things shake out.

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