atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3075: Grinding up old papers is depressing

In order to find my candlemaking supplies, I dug into my closet; and one of the things I found in there was a box full of papers. The earliest date on them was 1989; the latest was 1993.

So while watching anime, I sorted through them and shredded nearly all of them. Go me.

...the box will now be the receptacle for whatever mementos I find in subsequent boxes of old papers. (Greeting cards, newspaper articles, whatev.) I expect that it won't be full even after I'm done shredding everything generated prior to January 2006.

But it left me in a melancholy mood, because 1991 was a "peak" year for me: I had a girlfriend, I had a job that was a budding career, I was going to school, and everything was good.


...and here I am some 20 years later and where am I? I'm nowhere, that's where. I'm exactly where I was in 1988, only I'm older and not wiser. Argh etc.

* * *

Anyway, after sleeping a lot I got up and went to K-mart for cat food and cat litter. Cat litter costs too much at Walt's; if I go to K-mart, I pay about $3 more and get 2x the amount, so it's a better buy.

$30 on cat supplies: $13 for cat litter and $16 for 32 cans of cat food. *sigh* They also had those sheets on sale, still, so I bought a set with a different pattern; and I bought another pine-scented candle.

I still need to go grocery shopping.

* * *

Since I fully expect still to be playing WoW at this time next year, I signed up for the one-year commitment thingy that gets me a free copy of Diablo III and a couple of other perks. It ought to be fun, anyway.

* * *

There's a heck of a wind blowing. I bet if it were a bit colder outside, we'd have blizzard watches and stuff going on.

* * *

Don't toss that old pager! Holy crap, could I actually reactivate my old pager?

...I got it through work sometime in the 1990s, and when they decided not to continue with the pagers I took it off my belt and left it at home. No one ever asked for it back and by the time they eliminated my postion in 1997 it had been long forgotten by all and sundry.

It's sitting on my desk right now. A few weeks or months ago I nearly threw it away, but something stopped me; and now I find that it's possible I could actually use it.

Though no one wants to talk to me all that much, so why bother? *sigh*

* * *

Well, it's just about 6 and I need sleep. More later!

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