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#3084: How interesting.

So I finished off the sausage gravy just now; and it tasted like I expect sausage gravy to taste. Sticking it into the refrigerator for 18 hours did the trick.

So I need to get more sausage and make more, and freeze it (fortunately gravy freezes fairly well) and that way I can have sausage gravy whenever I want it without having to make it from scratch every time.

This will also be more economical than buying pre-made sausage gravy.

* * *

I slept Sunday afternoon, got up around 6-ish, and my nephew and I piled ourselves into the Jeep and headed north. My brother called while we were en route, and we ended up meeting somewhere in the middle, so neither of us had to drive all the way to one end or the other of the route. That worked out fairly well.

After I got home from that, I fell asleep again around 8 PM or so and ended up sleeping for six hours.

* * *

So here's how it's going in my new updated attempt to use on-line introduction services to gain a love life of some kind: lets me log in, splashes a huge pop-up over the entire page with no close gadget that prevents me from accessing anything on the site. refuses to accept my password. So I reset my password and it still won't let me log in. Still works.

I'm not exactly a stranger to setting up profiles and/or user accounts on web sites, so the problems I'm having are all due to failures on their end. How annoying.

* * *

Now I've reset my password three times and it's still not working. Great system you guys got, there.

* * *

Another homebrewed Garfield Minus Garfield:

* * *

As I was going to sleep Sunday evening, I had this idea for a manga version of WKRP in Cincinnati. could tell the stories from the TV eps and new ones, and it would be hilarious.

Then I thought, "Why do WKRP? Just mine the series for funny stories and come up with your own characters, and set it in present-day Japan rather than the US in the late 1970s. It could be even weirder and more funny that way."

Since I know nothing about the broadcasting industry--either in Japan or the US--and I already have too many f-ing projects on my plate, I'm not going to do anything with this idea.

But I'm trying to imagine what a Japanese "Doctor Johnny Fever" would be like. I figure that the Japanese "Bailey Quarters" would be, basically, Megane-chan.

"Andy Travis" would be a fresh graduate from broadcast school rather than a veteran program manager (and he might be a she instead, to boot). Jennifer Marlowe would be largely unchanged, but we might be able to get away with making her a more avaricious, and slightly older, "mama-san" type.

Herb Tarlek--the oily salesman is a constant the world over; very little alteration is needed. Les Nessman can also be changed only slightly. (Maybe make him an otaku, tho....) And "'Mama' Carlson"--just lift Kaede Doumyouji from Hana Yori Dango and that will work.

The only real problem is "Venus Flytrap". But even that's not such a big one: he's an American, living in Japan, and he's there to lend authenticity to "Travis'" idea for a late-night rap program. Of course it would work better if the dichotomy between "Gordon Simms" and "Venus Flytrap" was just as (if not more) exaggerated than it was in the TV series. The on-air persona speaking in ebonics and throwing gang signs; the off-air persona with a barely-detectable accent and behavior that suits the establishment mainstream rather than the "gangsta ghetto".

(In fact, right there is one story arc: it gets out that "Venus Flytrap" is not an "authentic" gangsta, that he graduated with a major in broadcasting and a minor in Japanese from some hoity-toity east coast university and is not only very well-read but has never even thought about committing a crime. This could be hilarious.) ("No! No! I'm gangsta! I keepin' it real on the east side, yo! aren't buying this at all, are you?")

I put all the character names in quotes because obviously these would not be the names of the characters in this hypothetical manga that I'm not going to write and draw. (This is merely a creative exercise for the fun of it. You want to do it, go right ahead. Maybe say "Series concept by Ed Hering" somewhere.)

* * *

...and then I sit here and bemoan the fact that I'm not creative enough. *sigh*

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