atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3086: Hollywood, Sodom, Gomorrah

This must be why Hollywood is so eager to defend Roman Polansky: everyone's in on it.

"On Nov. 21, Fernando Rivas, 59, an award-winning composer for 'Sesame Street,' was arraigned on charges of coercing a child 'to engage in sexually explicit conduct' in South Carolina."

"Sunny day
"Taking your
"anal virginity away..."

...something's got to be done about this shit.

* * *

Idiots driving 100 MPH in the rain cause a massive wreck. What else is new?

At least the assholes didn't kill anybody.

* * *

Okay, this would be fun! I could throw that kit onto my $99 K-mart special (bought in 1994 so it's probably a $10 bike by now) and have some fun with it. Heh.

Oh well.

* * *

So: I went to the bank.


...I tell the banker what I want to do with my chunk of inheritance from bank #4, and I'm told I can't do it.

Me: But...but that's exactly what I did with the last two!

Banker: Yes, but you see, this check is made out such-and-such, so we can't do it.

M: But here's the stub from the last check which I deposited in August and it wasn't a problem then.

B: Well, it's because the check says "Beneficiary of..." on it.

M: But it's a cashier's check!! Here's the paperwork from this bank putting the money into my IRA here.

B: Yes, it's a cashier's check, but because it says "beneficiary of..." on it and the previous holder was over 70 you have to take distributions from the IRA regardless of your age.

--the rest of the conversation is too confusing to relate this way.

What it boils down to is that the federal laws governing IRAs are INCREDIBLY FUCKIN' STUPID AND BYZANTINE.

If you receive funds from an IRA after the previous owner dies, you can't put the money into your IRA even if you take a distribution into cash and pay federal income tax on it.

NO I don't understand it. That money is somehow FOREVER TAINTED or something.

...even if I had simply rolled the money over into my IRA I still would have had to take distributions on it, and I couldn't then put that money into an IRA.

But it's a frickin' check, and I paid taxes on the money! It's my money; why the everlovin' fuck can't I do what I want with it? I don't want to spend it; I want to sock it away in the bank!

I was much less than pleased, let me tell you, because I ended up establishing a second IRA and the maximum contribution was considerably less than the amount of the check. So now I've got entirely too much damn money in my savings account.


Of course, the government has done this because lawyers and accountants (and Wall Street banksters) hire lobbyists to persuade Congress-slugs to do this kind of happy horseshit as a jobs program for lawyers and accountants. It doesn't make any sense nor does it even follow any reasonable logic because an ordinary person could then understand it and wouldn't have to hire a lawyer and an accountant to keep him from getting in dutch with the federal government.

Hanging is too good for those f-ing crooks.

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