atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#309: Monitor woes

So, Sunday night, I was happily computing along, and the monitor blinked once and died.

The monitor was a 19" glass bulb made in October 1999. I expect more longevity from any kind of display; 7 years is pathetic. But this monitor would only sit there and click click click click click click click if it was hooked to this machine. Connected to the P3, it would be quiet but show nothing.

The power switch wouldn't shut it off, either.

Hoping it was connector creep I took the back off, blew out 7 years' worth of dust, and checked all the connectors. No joy there; when tested it did the exact same thing.

My backup monitor--a 13" CRT even older than the 19"--couldn't sync to the 1280x1024 resolution, and I don't know Vista well enough yet to change resolutions "blind".

So Monday morning I went to Best Buy and bought a new one. The new monitor is a 22" LCD widescreen. It's incredibly sharp, and brighter than the CRT was. And 22" of screen--even "widescreen"-style--is just an enormous amount of real estate.

I've turned down the brightness twice now. It's still VERY bright. Color and gamma are better than they were on the old monitor.

It's an LG "Flatron Wide" L226W and it has a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Wow.

* * *

Somehow the P3 contracted a virus. When I tried to install the other WiFi card, it locked up hard; and even after getting the drivers installed I couldn't make it connect.

What I got was a weirdness: when I tried to set up the wireless network, my settings would disappear and be replaced with a profile named "KETMEGxxx".

The virus I got was "cheat.2", a trojan which enters using a flaw in Java; but I can't find anything related to "KETMEGxxx", except for one post by one person repeated in several places:


It's really irritating.

Fortunately, since I have found and quarantined the file which caused the infestation--and since I know how it operates--I can remove the D drive and somehow import its contents into this computer.

Most of the software I will just download new and known-clean copies of, so that's not much of an issue. The problem is getting copies of my data files from the C: drive; and in all probability that's going to mean making some DVDs and moving them via "sneakernet". I had planned to connect the computers with a crossover Ethernet cable, but now I'm re-thinking that. Whatever is causing the "KETMEGxxx" problem, I don't want it on here.

Because I've set up my wireless router with some security, "KETMEGxxx" is unable to connect to my router...but there is at least one unsecured WiFi network in my neighborhood, and "KETMEGxxx" could easily connect to that. I removed the WiFi card from my P3, just to make sure it can't screw up someone else's stuff. Probably what I will end up doing is making 3 copies of my old data, then srubbing the old hard drive down to bare metal. And then maybe I'll use that spare copy of Vista I still have and put it on the P3.

*sigh* If it's not one thing, it's another.

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