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#3089: Precautions can prevent every accident? Myth BUSTED!

I wonder how they'll deal with this mishap on the show. Firing a cannonball 700+ yards, damaging three houses and a minivan--that's some "homemade cannon" they've got, there.

...I was once asked why--when I built my potato cannon in 2004--I didn't test-fire it with a potato, but used paper towels instead. "Just aim it at a tree!"

This kind of thing is why. A potato cannon isn't going to fire a 30-lb projectile half a mile, but a potato fired from one of those things could bust a window and give someone a concussion.

Another angle at AoSHQ. "They were actually examining the myth that you can fire other materials out of a cannon and do some damage (that's a myth? is there anyone doubting that?)...."

That's not a myth. Armies did that all the damn time, particularly with smoothbore cannons--have the Mythbusters never heard of canister shot?

* * *

Russian government got caught trying to steal an election. Oh, good, this is exactly the kind of foreign policy development we need right now with Wingnuthead in the White House.

DPUD has a post about this story, too.

* * *

Same source, an experiment in "Green Science". (I was going to put "science" in quotes but I didn't feel like nesting scare quotes, because I'm just not in the mood for it right now. Maybe later.)

Lede: "In Great Britain a school wanted to show how 'green' and pious they are so they turned off the heat on the coldest day of the year (so far)."

That's about right: "going green" means "freezing in the dark unless you're one of the anointed like Al Gore or Barack Hussein Obama."

* * *

Palm Beach County is not happy about Florida's state government not letting them enact gun control at the local level. They're especially not happy about the legal penalties that elected officials face for breaking the law; that is what has their knickers in knots.

* * *

A Cracked post on overrated pop culture visionaries.

I forgot how I ended up here, which led me to the Cracked page. I was looking for a good quote to characterize the post and found myself wanting to include all of it--it's that good.

But it's all right, because it's all correct.

* * *

This week has been awfully hectic. I say "hectic" advisedly, considering that I'm still unemployed, but I've had things to do every single day (including Sunday) and haven't had time to get bored.

With two choir practices, Blbie study, therapy, my nephew's visit, etc--Friday promises to be an interesting day since it'll be the first time this week that I didn't have anything scheduled.

(I'm not complaining; just making an observation.)

...I still haven't decided whether or not to attend the childrens' Christmas concert at church this Saturday evening. It might be fun to end up at church six days out of the week, but I don't want people to think I'm some kind of pervert. *sigh* That's what sucks about not having a significant other and/or kids at my age....

Speaking of choir, we've been working on a bunch of Christmas songs (of course) and some of them are kind of challenging.

I've got most of "Ding Dong Merrily on High" down, except for one bar where the bass part departs from the usual melody. We hammered that bar a bit last night, though, and as long as I can remember it's there I should do okay with it.

Sunday's song is "How Should a King Come" and it's a pretty nice tune. I especially like the last two pages, where the song changes key: "Glory, glory to God! Earth was silent so heaven rang!" It sounds good.

One of the nice things about being in the choir is that when there's a particularly nice piece, I hear it in perfect stereo.

We're also preparing "Still, Still, Still", "Hark! Silver Bells" (which is a pretty standard choral piece for this time of year), and one other song I can't recall the name of offhand*; we're planning to do the last verse a cappella and when we tried it last night it sounded as if there was simply no other possible way to do it.

And it's a lot of fun.

EDIT: "Sleep, Holy Babe" is the song. /EDIT

* * *

I like how ominous this homebrew Garfield Minus Garfield is:


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