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#3094: I'm a man, damn it

And I need to eat food. I can't be nibbling on tofu and arugula and kale and WTF-ever our soi disant "betters" in Washington, D.C. think I should be eating.

I just created and demolished a breakfast consisting of biscuits, sausage, and gravy. Now I actually feel like I can go out and accomplish something. Whenever I eat a "simple" breakfast I invariably feel like, "Yeah, that was a good appetizer, but when's the main course?"

Like, for example, when I have a bagel. Bagels make good snacks but that's all they're good for. It's emphatically not a frickin' meal.

For all the fact that I'm well-educated, and can do (and prefer) "white collar" work, I sure as hell have a "blue collar" attitude about everything.

* * *

Next week we'll be singing several Christmas songs during the church service. That'll be fun.

On my way into church this morning I was riffing on the song du jour, "How Should a King Come?":
How should Ed come?
In a pea-green parka with a bottle of Dew
I got to chuch before all of you!
...and then laughed, alone in the choir practice room. Heh.

* * *

Last night I wanted to light my pine-scented candles, and realized that I should stop using matches and use one of the fancy lighters I've got, so I went downstairs to get them out of the Arsenal of Freedom.

Owing to their continued use for lighting fuses, they're low on fluid. The last time I bought lighters, I somehow managed to buy ones with refueling ports; so I thought, "Hey, I've got butane; I can refill them!" (I've got two cans of Ronson butane lighter fluid, for the two butane soldering irons I have. One doesn't work; I never did try the other one.)

So I turned the thing over and stuffed the can's nozzle into the port and PSSSHHHT! nearly froze my hand from the leaks, and it didn't work; so I tried upside down and nearly got frostbite as the charge in the lighter all vaporized. *sigh* So right-side up again, filling the thing full of fluid...

...and it doesn't work. WTF.

By holding the button down and lighting it from another lighter I got it to the point that--with the flame valve wide open--it gives a small flame. I was able to light the candles with it after that, but the flame it gives off is still tiny and I don't know why. I suppose this means that the lighters aren't made to use butane, nor be refilled with it.

But why have the exposed refill port if that's the case? *sigh*

The other theory is that I simply filled it too full, and that somehow is affecting the thing's ability to produce enough gas to make a decent flame. It seems like the more I use it, the bigger the flame gets, so that seems possible.

Oh well.

* * *

Amazon keeps spamming my inbox, and I keep deleting the messages. I'm not doing any shopping this year; everyone's getting a check for $20 and they can buy what they want. Yeah, I suck.

...after the second post yesterday I tried to go out and do more work with the lights, but it was getting f-ing cold again and I realized I needed help with the upper sections on the trees.

Then I thought, "Screw doing the upper sections; I'll wrap the lower parts of the porch columns instead!" But for that I still need to get some materials, and I want to put the lights on a timer so I don't have to mess with them, and all of that necessitates a trip to a hardware store or K-mart. (Probably the latter, because I also need to buy cat food.)

Also, find one of the staple guns and the staples for same so I can get the lights to stay where I put them.

I was also looking at my big sack of tea lights and I realized I could get some white paper bags and some sand and make luminarias, and line the driveway with them on Christmas Eve. But I probably won't do that.

The other project I have is to get the Christmas tree out and stationed in front of the living room window.

* * *

Unrelated project: I need to find some way of putting my computer under my desk without sitting it on the floor. I've got about ten inches of clearance to play with; my idea is to get a couple of pavers and a hunk of wood. But I might modify that based on what I come up with. It really wouldn't be too hard to make a little H-shaped stand for the thing, and the UPS and power strip would fit well enough underneath. That actually sounds kind of cool; maybe I'll do that.

Where'd I put the circular saw...?

* * *

From ep 88 of Fairy Tail comes my latest desktop:

As of ep 87 Lucy's wearing this kind-of bikini with a pareo around her waist, demonstrating that she's got awfully firm G-cup breasts since that top is incapable of providing any real support.

Best part: in the latter part of the second series she's 18, so it's perfectly okay for me to salivate over her. It also means that Erza's 20, of course, but the artists simply do not give us any "eye candy" shots of Erza. (At least nowhere near the number of shots we get of Lucy.)

I had to think about the latest ep of Aoi Hana before I understood what was going on. It's a bit too sketchy on the details.

Fumi told her main squeeze--whose first name is Yasuko, by the way, something that was probably mentioned in ep 1 and not since--that she'd "been with" someone before, "but she was just fooling around" and wasn't serious about the relationship. And I had to think, "Wait, Fumi's had sex?"

...but thinking about it I have to wonder if that's so. "Being with" and "fooling around" are, of course, euphemisms for "hanky panky" but ep 1 (or was it ep 2) ends with Fumi getting her first kiss from Yasuko. Yeah, okay, you can "do the nasty" without kissing, but how likely is it? Esp. for two women? I just don't see it, especially not considering the kind of tone this series has. It just doesn't fit.

Prior to this, though, the series has thrown out a bombshell covered in uncertainty like this, then--a little bit later--filled in the blanks. Maybe that'll happen here, and maybe it won't.

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