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#3097: Monday was pretty busy, now that I think of it.

I went shopping at three stores, I built a CPU stand, I moved the CPU (twice!), went to choir practice, I made a 13x9 pan of apple crisp for tonight's Bible study Christmas party, and added the cheesecake layer to the cheesecake apple crisp I started Sunday.

My day began with a shower, then breakfast, then bloggeratin'; Best Buy for a digital antenna, Menard's for wood, and Walt's for food.

$40, most of it on meat, because there were some good deals advertised. Chicken, pork, and shrimp. I simply have not seen beef selling for under $3 per pound, and usually it's ground beef that sells at the $3 price point. Everything else is more expensive and I'm having a lot of trouble gutting it up and paying $4 per pound ($3.79+) for things like chuck roast and round steak.

I put away the groceries and made the CPU stand; put the computer on it, saw that it wouldn't work, and resolved to F with it later. Went back to the kitchen to get the chicken and pork repackaged for the freezer downstairs, and once that was done I was about to make some chicken stir fry when I thought, "Screw it, I'll get a Deluxe from Culver's." I inhaled that, did WoW for about an hour, then went choir practice; came home from that, moved the computer again, then fiddled with WoW a bit more before going back to the kitchen for baking apple crisp.

After all that, I was fading out. I'd made a new character named "Emeräld" on the Skywall server, where Sailor V has made a toon to help a couple of his friends out--said friends being new to WoW, recruited by him--but after I'd played that toon for a couple hours and got her to 11th lvl I was fading out pretty quickly, so I logged out and hit the hay.

* * *

Turns out that we'll be doing a whole bunch of songs on Sunday. "Six" was the number I heard. Whew. song, if we do it, features me singing the bass part by myself, straining to be heard over the altos and sopranos. The bass part of the song is "Silent Night", which--strangely enough--I know how to sing. Then on the repeat the tenors and the other bass come in and sing it with me. It's not exactly a solo but it's close to it, and I have to admit that I'm kind of nervous about it. (But only "kind of").

* * *

...I bought two Fels-Naptha bars to incorporate into future batches of home-made laundry detergent, and I opened the packages to let the soap dry out. I figure it'll be easier to grate (and load up the grater less) if the cakes are dry.

I put them on shelves in Mom's room, and I can smell them from in here. They have a pleasant scent, though, so that's okay.

* * *

Vox Day doesn't like Newt and I don't blame him.

The thing about this story, though, is that it's prompted by something coming from a "nonpartisan think tank". I don't trust think tanks, "nonpartisan" or not, until I've had a chance to quantify their political leanings.

Example: the Center for Science in the Public Interest. These are the guys who say you should stop giving your kids whole milk because it has too much saturated fat in it ("as much as X Big Macs!") and serve them kale juice instead. So whenever there's a panicked headline about how a certain food is going to kill you, if the Center for "Science" in the Public Interest is behind the report, I know I can safely ignore it because it's nothing but the scaremongering of food nazis.

When someone says that "so-and-so's tax policy will increase the deficit" I am skeptical anyway because calling a tax cut a "cost" to government is a hallmark of lefty-liberal-socialist types anyway, who believe that all money is government's.

But the flipside is the point Vox Day (and Denninger, to whom he links) are making about spending cuts--that is to say, the spending cuts that are not present in Newt's plan. The spending cuts which are completely absent from any GOP candidate's ideas.

("Ron Paul"? Is Ron Paul running? Is he a serious contender, or is he still out on the fringe?)

Vox Day concludes, "It's almost beside the point to describe any of the three as being Democrats or Republicans, though. They all belong to the Bank Party."

That I cannot argue with.

* * *


China's deserted and unfinished Disneyland knockoff.

* * *

This AoSHQ post contains some good information on the functioning of the Higgs boson, if it actually exists. CERN apparently has announced that it still doesn't know whether there's a Higgs boson or not, but that "there is a weak signal where we expect to find the Higgs boson", so who the hell knows?

The important part of this--to me--is that understanding how the Higgs works might lead to neat things like antigravity, or at least control over inertia.

* * *

Retail sales are approximately "blah", says Karl Denninger.

* * *

Everything that I might want to say about the story that Colt's opening a new plant in Florida is already said by the writer of the article.

* * *

It's supposed to be mid-50s tomorrow, but rainy. *sigh* It'd be nice to ride the motorcycle a bit.

I'm still giving thought to my idea of wearing my snow pants. They're well-insulated and windproof (mostly) and ought to do a bang-up job of keeping my legs warm. Put a good coat on and something to cover my neck, and I ought to be fine to ride even in freezing temps. (Shouldn't I?) on the motorcycle is costing me a whole $20 per month, dang it! I want to get my money's worth!

* * *

I've pretty much determined that I absolutely can not have Oreo cookies in the house.

Last week I bought a package of Oreo "Double Stuf" cookies to take to Bible study, only someone else had brought some similar cookies (though not Oreos) and those were opened first, so my package came home unopened.

Sadly, it did not remain unopened. And I finished off the last handful of them last night. *sigh*

I can't have Oreos in the house.

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