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#3098: That saved us about 9 seconds' worth of federal spending.

Dead idiot throws away a million bucks.

Couldn't he have found a worthy charity to donate his house to? The federal government spends $133,945.66 per second, and the money it got from selling that house will finance its operations for 8.77 seconds.

* * *

Hurricane forecasts are unreliable. Anyone who's paid attention the past few years knows this: these guys would predict a record hurricane season (because of global warming!) and then the actual season would come around--

...and nothing.

This past year is a good example; it was supposed to be a doozy, yet we had exactly one hurricane hit land in the US and it was a tropical storm by the time it made landfall.

Perhaps if their models took into accoun the fact that Earth is cooling they might have better results...but that would make them "climate change deniers" and "unscientific", don't you know.

(The facts that "cooling oceans" is climate change, and the inability to accept real-world data because it conflicts with your theories is unscientific, notwithstanding.)

* * *

Ah, life under Sha'ria. So cosmopolitan, so sophisticated. Behading someone for committing sorcery--oh, Lord.

Here in the repressive and reactionary West, at most all we do is put them in jail for fraud. Our betters on the left are desperate to convince us that we're backward and prejudiced for objecting to the precepts of islamic law, and this is a good example!

* * *

If you live in DC, watch out for the trash cops. This is how you get a police state from a representative republic with guaranteed freedoms: you simply give each department of government its own special police. If you're not recycling the right way, our garbage police will find out and you will be punished!

* * *

Who would have thunk that if you make it harder to generate a commodity, its price will rise?

Thanks to NIMBYs and econazis it's very difficult and terribly expensive to build a new power plant of any type in the United States. Yet despite all of the best efforts the government has made at promoting conservation, the growing population of the country just insists on using more electricity. Don't these people know that they have to conserve electricity for the Earth???


* * *

The 99% attempt to hit the 1% where they live by hurting the 99%. No, I don't understand it, either. Then again, if these people did anything that made sense they might (only "might") be scary.

* * *

AoSHQ post about Time and it's stupid "Person of the Year" crap. "Crap" is the word; be careful as that link has a picture of the Mad Car Pooper at it. I have very carefully avoided taking a good look at that image and I advise you to do the same.

* * *

Let's get on with the DOOM!

"The 1929 crash kicked off the first half. But what 'made the depression truly "great"...began with the European banking crisis of 1931.' Sound familiar?"

(That one wins today's "nested quotes" award.)

* * *

Karl Denninger talks about Ben Bernanke repeating all the mistakes that Japan has made.

You know, when you make a mistake, that's just an unfortunate incident. But when you make a mistake that someone else made just a few years earlier and you can see how things turned out for him, that makes you A BLITHERING IDIOT.

* * *

China is beginning to lose it. Vox Day correctly predicts that China cannot win all of these confrontations; if they win this one (which seems a safe bet) they will still have to win the next one, and the one after, and the one after that...and no one can win them all.

* * *

NASA programs confirm that 4 BC was an eventful year for sky-watchers.

* * *

So here's the new anime playlist:
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
Tenshi na Konamaiki
Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka
Aoi Hana
Fairy Tail
Hoshizora continues to be dull. I finally figured out that Hina Sakai is supposed to be Sakaki-san from Azumanga Daioh, with a bit of Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate no Gotoku thrown in. They hardly even changed the names. Shit.

Tenshi na Konamaiki is Cheeky Angel in English. This is an older series, clearly ink-and-paint on acetate rather than a digital production, and presented in 4:3 aspect rather than 16:9. The artwork is seriously uneven; I've seen entire decks of animation in this series that I would have been embarassed to have drawn.

Yeah, 2003 is the start date for this. Oddly enough, Megumi Hayashibara plays the main character. I thought her voice sounded familiar! I was thinking this series was old enough that she was still working as a voice actor, but I wasn't really sure. Now I know!

That must be why the animation is bad; in 2003 Megumi Hayashibara was an A-list star, having won an award for being the best voice actor in Japan several years running. They used up all their money on hiring her.

Anyway, the art is uneven, the story follows the manga, and I like the BGM. Miki is my favorite character.

Nichijou has one ep left. Getting on towards the end of Aoi Hana, too.

* * *

Last night's Christmas party with the Bible study group was fun.

First we had a little game: we were given a sheet of paper with 24 little drawings on it, and our task was to figure out which Christmas carol the drawing depicted. There was no key handy so we had to figure it out. Once we'd figured that out, we drew lots and went on to the White Elephant gift exchange. I was #5 and I got a rock.

...a paleolithic stone tool, to be precise. One of the group members has an archaeologist friend and so has an entire paleo-Snap-On cabinet of things like these. So it was actually kind of cool.

My contribution to the festivities was an unopened laserdisk copy of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's sat in a box in my closet since 2004, and before that it had sat in a cabinet in my apartment since 2001-ish. A true "white elephant" considering how hard it is to get an LD player these days. (Well, not has hard as it would be if Ebay didn't exist. Still....)

When I set it on the table people made the obvious guess that it was some kind of 33.3 LP, and I said cheerfully, "Oh, it's nothing that useful!" ...but for some reason there were 13 gifts and 12 people. Everyone had selected and opened a gift and my poor thing was left on the table, so we drew lots to see who got it. (I, obviously, recused myself.) Even after it was opened people still weren't sure what it was--"Is it a calendar? Is it--?" so I had to say, "No, it's a laserdisk. Widescreen edition, even!"

Heh. (Now I realize I should have said, "Not quite as useful as the rock is.")

The food was great. The cheesecake apple crisp was a hit, and I've got perhaps 20% of the pan left. The regular apple crisp was nibbled on by comparison.

All told I would say we had a wonderful time. That was a great idea our pastor had! ...and it's the last meeting until January 10th, because the next three Tuesdays are in the middle of last-minute shopping and other holiday things.

* * *

While looking for said gift (having identified it as the perfect example of a "white elephant") I came across my old guitar. ("Old" being relative. I got it in 2004.) It's a "junior size" instrument, bought new from Ebay for the princely sum of $40-ish, and it came with a case and a pitch pipe (for tuning) and a strap I never applied to it.

I bought it with the intention of teaching myself to strum a bit, though knowing my track record with instruments I made sure to go cheap lest I bemoan leaving a $XXX investment to gather dust in the closet. If I kept with it, I reasoned, I could buy an expensive instrument later, but for now a cheap one would suffice.

Anyway, I found it where I'd last left it, and on a whim I extracted it from its case and began to tune it up.

Luna was not happy.

She walked around me, meowing constantly; she hopped up on the bed, meowed, hopped back down, meowed, went out into the hallway, meowed, came back, meowed--every step she took was accompanied with her slightly grainy "wraghhh" meow. Then she left the room, as I kept fiddling with the instrument; and after a few moments I heard her coming back up the hallway, her meows muffled slightly. She came back into the room, still meowing, carrying the yellow sock toy she's had since she was 6 months old; she dropped it next to me and then continued to walk around the room meowing at me.

No, I don't understand what the toy was for. It's her "comfort object", though, so I'd guess the message was supposed to be: "THIS IS HOW MUCH YOUR NOISE IS DISTRESSING ME!"

Anyway I've completely forgotten the few chords that I'd learned in 2004. On the other hand I'm considering finding my guitar books and seeing what I can learn from them this time, so maybe it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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