atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3099: Fixing my DH-100

I have a Casio DH-100 "Digital Horn".

I bought it in 1991 or 1992. It's a fun instrument, fingered like a recorder but easier, and it's got a MIDI output. I think I paid $40 for it plus shipping.

Problem is, it's now got the "squeal of death". It's had it for years and I haven't used it because I thought the fix was going to take some doing.

Turns out you need to replace exactly one capacitor to fix the problem.

...except that I can not find a 33uF capacitor.

Radio Shack doesn't list any capacitor in that size. My electronics toolbox has 47 uF caps and 22 uF caps but no 33 uF caps.

As usual, Google is useless for finding stores nearby that sell electronic components.

The Yellow pages list no suppliers for electronics parts that sell retail. Most of them are big suppliers ("We can sell you two dozen gross 33uF capacitors for $200!") or shops that deal in finished goods ("Got your TVs, car alarms, and cell phones right here!").

Fry's! Fry's is a mere hour's drive away each way, but they have it. Shipping is what kills the deal:

$9.44 is about what I'd spend on tolls and gasoline, too. *sigh*

Anyone got a 33uF capacitor they don't need?

UPDATE Ah, this instrument's correct name is the Zanzithophone. I'm gonna have that put on my business card: "Zanzithophonist". /UPDATE

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