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CDC claims that 20% of women in America are rape victims of one stripe or another. I simply do not believe it.

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Even more bullshit. What a big surprise, that Obama's FDA has decided that Mountain Dew contains a poisonous chemical.

Considering how over-politicized regulatory agencies are--particularly these days--I think I trust the limits set in the 1970s a lot more than I trust whatever bullshit they're spewing now.

* * *

This article is an important read because it explains exactly how the government is FAKING THE DATA to make unemployment look better than it actually is.
Given the steady predictable trend in population growth, we can estimate that 6,000,000 people (at least) have been erased from the labor force by the BLS. If we add them back and calculate, the official U-3 unemployment rate is 12.3% rather than the 8.6% which Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Worthless... er, Wasserman Schultz were trumpeting.

And the real unemployment rate, U-6, is 19.1%. To put that in perspective, the average rate of unemployment during the Great Depression, 1931 through 1940, was 18.7%.

That's how bad things are. That's what they're hiding.
As I said, there is absolutely nothing to worry about: the unemployment rate will be below 8% by November of 2012.

Regardless of reality.

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